Friday, July 27, 2007

Powdered "sugar"

It was one of those quiet afternoons where Jared & I could actually enjoy conversation for more than five minutes. We did hear a lot of "No! Naughty! Stop it!" in Isaac's room; but he seemed to be enjoying himself. With a measure of silence, however, parents begin to worry. And this is what we saw.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Evening Activities at the Laney House

Isaac wanted to put on his garden gloves, which announced so very clearly one night before bed. What you have here is a prime example of Isaacal-style; we thought the hat would "lend a dash of drama." He danced and sang, though you wouldn't know it from this picture. It rather looks like he's been forced into something ("You're a monkey, Derek!").
I snuck a flattering picture of Jared in right afterward, but he managed to get me back. Our evenings in Isaac's room are getting more and more drawn out as Isaac learns the art of distraction for use in stalling bedtime.