Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another Happy Customer

Here's one of our latest adventures: having my Mom for a week! All very picture-worthy, blog-worthy stuff. Mostly. We went to the National Botanical Gardens in DC one day. It was impressive for the area it occupied, for sure!
Mom was in heaven!

The children's garden was, by far, the boys' favorite part. Isaac adds "I did NOT want to leave" as I write this.
Here they are, discovering what a little pumping can do.
The water squirts out of the the fish's mouth (I couldn't quite time the picture right with Isaac's sporadic pumping) and Noah was fascinated.

There was even a little person's garden shed! Don't worry; Isaac's not destroying any plants! Digging is allowed here.
The whole place was really beautifully done.
Mom discovered her favorite room here (it includes pineapple-looking plants).
Isaac's always up for a walk in the gardens, even if we've been gone from our beloved Thanksgiving Point for over a year.
I liked the orchid room.
We went to the Utz potato chip factory the next day, but we were much too fascinated by the peeling/slicing/salting/baking/packaging processes to take any pictures. You'd only see us with chip crumbs on our faces in front of unmarked machines.
Then, we braved the metros and rush hour traffic again to see... the National Zoo. The emu was the most interesting picture with a person in it. But we saw LOTS and LOTS of cool creatures. On her last full day we took Mom up to Lancaster to see the Amish at their best.
Hanging out with an Amish chicken.
We took a buggy ride tour. Here sit two very lucky, yet very solemn lads. They got to sit in front with a real farmer-turned-tourguide Amish guy named Aaron and this the look they give. That's gratitude!
First we went through an old, covered bridge.
Actually, they really enjoyed it.

Mom had more to talk about with our guide than any other customer he'd ever had, what with her farmy-type upbringing.
The week went by too quick. I think it went rather well, with the exception of Noah earning the nickname, "Naughty Noah" by spilling her most precious bottle of silver completely out (oops)!
Isaac and Noah adore her.
I'm the happy customer, by the way. I happened to be rather sick and/or worn out on a daily basis, so she did a LOT of cooking and even more DISHES! Thanks, Mom!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Family Pictures...

We had so much fun taking these! Now we can finally put something on the wall that has Noah in it (and not as a little bundle)...just in time for kid #3 right?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

I know I have a lot to catch up on, but I couldn't resist putting this up immediately. He sings it constantly!