Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Best Gift We Got

Well, here it is, folks. You've been waiting for it. It's time to report on our awesome week with Noelle (Dec 25 -Jan 1)!

She brought many gifts! Among them was a bag of hand-me-downs for Ellie (thank goodness--that girl was growing out of everything). And, of course, some fantastic costumes from Aunt Bobbie, which are used almost daily around here.

We had us a good old time with Aunt Noelle. She even volunteered to take the camera (and most all the pictures) to nearly every event! Which is why she's not in all of them....

Family Night at the gymnastics gym was fun. We live in an exceptionally social/fun ward where the fun never seems to end. One guy is a gymnastics coach, so about 10 families from church were there, some people showing off, some people learning something new, and every person having a great time. Everybody got to learn to do a back flip (except Noelle already knew how). I've always been afraid to do a back flip.

I love that Ellie even poked her head out for this picture with her aunt. She reminds me so much of Baby Noey a quarter of a century ago! The guys were excited to have matching uniforms (like Dad's) after Santa came. Then they started "training" with Noelle each night. What better person could you find?! She's capable, she's upbeat, and she's creative.

Sea World was the next adventure. Noelle was our excuse to go!

Take a look at my half a face: that Shamu is one WILD kiddie ride!

There were lots of things to see/ride, but we really put a lot into watching some of the many shows. We most enjoyed the dolphin show, the Sesame Street show, and the 3D Polar Express. Since it was the week after Christmas when the memory of the holiday seems like a blur, having Sea World be full to the brim of all things Christmasy was, for me, the perfect remedy! Christmas did not have to be over! Especially since, with Noelle visiting, the celebrating had just begun!

Remember the Alamo? What a cool place to actually go and visit!

It was a little boring holding our place so we could fit into the next tour discussion room, which was really fascinating and totally worth the wait. But, meanwhile, our kids entertained the Japanese tourists and we even played "finger swords."

"Come and take it!" I like that line. No wonder Texans have so much pride.

We didn't get photo documentation of all the good times with Noelle...the running, the singing, the eating, the movies, the planning, the puzzles and games, the quoting, the cooking, the free-pass-to-the-gym-ing, the volleyball social...but everyone was VERY sad when she had to go. What a dirty trick to have a week go by so quickly!

Thanks for coming, Noelle. What a great gift!

(I have since adjusted to--and recommitted to--doing my own dishes again.)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Pirate Party

Noah had his first real birthday party when he turned three. We all had a lot of fun!

Everyone got all piratey with tattoos and bandanas.
Say "aarrgh!"

There were clues to find the treasure and lots of games along the way.
The version of musical chairs we played was interesting...

So was "Pin Yer Treasure on the Map"--it's a good thing pirates really cheat a lot.

The birthday boy was no exception...

And of course, a treasure full of favors.

I loved watching Noah's face while everyone was singing to him

This was a lot of fun to make. Mostly because I'm not crafty and it's an unfamiliar feeling to create something so fun!

We were so excited to have new friends come over and celebrate with us. What a great day for Noah (and Isaac)!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This One

has a great chuckle

loves her parents
her brothers

is a paper-shredder, list-eater, hair puller and face-scratcher, given the right opportunities

will make you weep for forgiveness if you take anything from her

crawls backwards

takes a paci (whoa!)

does the airplane

is 8 months old now
got her first tooth on her 8 month birthday
and has been greatly neglected on the blog...until now.

We love our E.