Friday, February 8, 2013

Two in School!

Isaac was quite excited to be going to first grade. Of course, he played it pretty cool when he sat down at his chosen seat. Love that kid!

 Noah was pretty excited, too. He got to go later because he's in pre-K. We went outside to wait for the bus.

 Ellie gave him a hug

 and a kiss ("ew!")

Meanwhile, ZZ Top's bus arrived and he happily climbed aboard, waving until he was out of sight. Of course, Ellie did the same. She still waves and waves like crazy.

Now, the first day's trip home  was a completely different story. Let's just say that a super stubborn 4-year-old, a clingy 2-year old and an agoraphobic mother didn't enjoy it. And the car that bumped into us on our walk home didn't help. We'll just leave it at that!