Friday, September 26, 2014

Bed Rest = Time to Catch Up on the Blog??

Soooo...I've never had a pregnancy complication. But now I've been told to pretty much stop everything that makes me feel accomplished--running, cleaning or anything fun...yeah. On the bright side, I might get to some of the things that are almost permanently stuck on the back-burner for me. That includes the blog (and blogbook! which is still only half-way edited for Volume 2). So, not to get your hopes up, but there's a slight chance of catching up on this thing.

Yep, I'm pregnant (13 weeks)! That's our big news these days. Now, on to our family from last year!

Christmas Season '13

There was much rejoicing in every decoration put up, in every craft made at school, in riding the Christmas Carousel at Outdoor World...and in the strange floating Santa head found at the dollar store. Here, Ellie quotes the family favorite B movie, The Land of Faraway: "Grab hold of my beard!" Too perfect a moment-- I had to take a picture so I could always remember how hard she made me laugh.
More awesomeness for Isaac's wee head. Some tyke coming out of the school restroom slammed the heavy door into Isaac's head. Yet another scar, more practice for Jared's mad wound skills.
My three little crazies had a great time at a friend's birthday party at Pump it Up.
We also had a visit from Camille, which we enjoyed immensely. She was quite an important part of the Comedy Sportz show we took her to. It was so fun (and funny)!
Ellie got to play with Luke and Sam (and a stranger, featured here) at the park. We loved our time with the Lindgrens...we should've taken more pictures! Note the adorable Cheyney (and Tessa, who would make her appearance on New Year's Eve) in the background. Cheyney makes pregnancy look cute the whole nine months!
Ellie and Noah are held at gunpoint by a mannequin at Outdoor World. They crack me up.
Noah had a wonderful time at his Kindergarten Christmas party. Ellie got to visit and partake, too.
And Isaac also enjoyed the party in his 2nd grade class. He really enjoyed his classmates and teacher that year. Ellie was lucky enough to participate in two parties in one day!
Gingerbread houses are not really a tradition at our house--they're more fun to watch from a distance. But we worked really hard on ours! It kept falling apart or mysteriously losing pieces, but with all the time and tears spent on this one, it deserved a couple of pics.
The Christmas Eve tradition of opening one present left Ellie with EXACTLY what she wanted and more. She's aaaaall about Hello Kitty!

Isaac also loved his gift from Grandma (BOOTS!), but he was more excited about Noah opening the gift from him. It was so sweet to see how happy that made both of them. I'm kind of missing that type of brotherly love right now....

On Christmas morning, Noah saw his new bike right away, so he had to ride it even before breakfast (mmmm... Christmas crepes....)

Isaac joined him with his new boots.
There eventually was much present opening.
And, of course, the dressing up and acting out your character.

We were spoiled by family members for Christmas again! We are so grateful.