Thursday, May 30, 2013

CinderEllie turned 3!

Ellie had been talking about her "big Cinderella party" for months. So the pressure was on to make it feel big.
Isaac made a sign for her door with leftover streamer.
When we all came to wake her up, there were a couple of balloons present. She was miffed at not being included in the balloon-blowing process, but recovered shortly thereafter. When she came downstairs she was pleasantly surprised...
 The boys were very excited about all their hard work.
 She liked it. A lot.

 Grandma Laney's present was overwhelmingly awesome!

Dairy Queen really really tried to make Cinderella not be scary on a delicious cake...I guess you just can't get good help anymore! Check this out:
 It makes me laugh every time!

 It didn't bother the Birthday Girl one bit. She loved it.
 I love their faces when they're being sung to.

 Mmm, ice cream cake! When will this song end?

 Blow out the candle,
 clap along with everyone,
 and dig in!
 Let's put this poor girl out of her misery.

THIS girl had a great birthday.
 Her favorite gift? Cinderella on Blu-ray! Ours has been loved and watched TOO MUCH.
 I can't believe this big girl was so tiny just three short years ago!


We love this cutie pie.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

I'm a Little Teapot

Okay, enough catch-up!

This was from last Saturday. Ellie had her first dance recital! She was so excited to be there! She even sat well after her performance and watched every other number with fascination. Her arm was around my neck for just about the whole time. I wish I had taken some pictures of Noah--when we finally got he and Isaac to sit, he was also fascinated--actually trying to dance along with whatever the dancers were doing! It was adorable.

From her last day at dance class (the dress rehearsal)--

Just for good measure. This is how it usually is with this age!

And me. Any similarities?