Thursday, November 8, 2012

(almost) Everyone Together

Again, from June when we were in Utah. We didn't see a WHOLE lot of Noelle and Dane, but it was so fun to get together with everyone. Everyone missed Trace and her family, though!  );

 Mom got all the sweetest upgrades after I moved away from home. 
 We went to Trafalga for some high-quality kid-entertainment.

 Katie met us there! It's always good to see one's favorite person from high school. :)
 Thanksgiving Point would not be neglected. One day at the Children's Garden...

 ...And one day at the big gardens.

 I still can't believe I got paid to wander around here one summer.
 It's one of my favorite places and I'm so glad my children have been able to appreciate it, too.

I love my family! It was so good to see Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeanne--we hadn't seen them since our trip to New York in 2009. And it had been almost as long for everyone else (except Mom, Dad and Noelle). Now if we could just get to Virginia before Traci's kids are grown up...!