Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Time with Dad & Terree

We got a chance to go back up to Dad's and do some more boating on August 9. It's always fun hanging out with Dad and Terree!
We went to good old Willard Bay.
 Sweet, serene girls. All three of them!
 Miley is such a lovable dog! Both and Ellie and Noah would cuddle with her at night when we stayed at Dad's.

 Gotta have ping pong at Dad's if the table's available!

Natalie made herself at home, as always.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

August 9 in Lehi

 We had a grand time hanging out in Lehi with Noelle and Katie, since they're neighbors (or used to be; Noelle just moved to Nevada)! All the babies got along and the mommas had fun catching up. Love me some Katie and Noelle Time!

Friday, November 25, 2016

Provo Day- Aug 8

We wanted to spend some time in Provo, and Monday the 8th was the day. We hit a few snags, but enjoyed it all anyway.

The new temple in Provo was a huge must-see for us! It was closed, of course, being Monday, but we were hoping to walk around. There's a gate, though, so the grounds were closed, too. We took pictures there anyway. This is a very special place to us.We used to have stake conferences in the tabernacle here before it burned down. I love that they built the temple as the original tabernacle used to look! It really is beautiful.

 Natalie wasn't about to let anyone but her mom hold her.
Isaac and Ellie are rebels.
Atticus had to pose like his cousins...I love his face!
 We wanted to see the pioneer village they have by Veteran's Park, but it wasn't open yet. Fortunately, there's a great park where we could kill some time.

 Then we crossed the green to the pioneer village. It was super interesting and fun!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Great Grandparents and Cousins- Aug 6 & 7

After all kinds of Wagstaff connections at Camille's reception, we made a visit at the Laney home in Orem. Jared's grandparents have been there since I met Jared, and they're always lots of fun to visit. Natalie didn't seem to want to cooperate with picture time, though.
 The next day was Sunday, which we spent at Noelle's church. It was quite nice of Dane's dad, Bob, to come over and watch Atticus and Natalie while they napped--what luxury! Sometimes Sacrament meeting is enough. While we were at the church, Isaac somehow locked the keys in the car...thank heavens for AAA! After the babies woke up, Noelle went home and caught some great moments.

Here they are, goofing off together. Atticus is saying "tickle tickle tickle" to Natalie; she is loving every moment with her cousin!

They even got a bath. Pictures like these are always fun to share later in life when things aren't awkward enough, hahaha!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Camille's Reception

As I mentioned in the last post, we just love Camille. It was such great timing that she was getting married while we were in Utah! Her reception was wonderful, especially because of all the Wagstaffs there. I may have gone a little overboard with all the selfies; if Jared had been there, I would've made him take my place.

The Newlyweds: Tyler and Camille

Great Grandpa Wagstaff
 Scott and Autumn (or "Scottumn," as we like to call them) came down from Washington with their cute little boy. Scott is Camille's brother, so he's Jared's cousin. Autumn is cousins with Dane, as in Noelle and Dane! And they're pretty darn awesome.

Natalie took to Carrie right away...and herself in the mirror!

Love these Wagstaffs (and Rowes and Jacksons)!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Aug 6- Morning at Temple Square

Jared's cousin, Camille, is one of the most wonderful people. She married Tyler Singleton, another such wonderful person, on August 6th in the Salt Lake Temple. While we couldn't make it to the wedding, we did make an effort to be in front of the temple in time to see her come out. Apparently, we just missed them! I was told we were seen by cousins driving away from Temple Square as we were walking toward it. It was a good plan, but we encountered some unforeseen behavior/packing/driving/parking obstacles. However, we enjoyed Temple Square for a couple of hours anyway! The kids have never been there, and it's been ages for me.

They touched the temple wall. A lot, actually. I wonder if they know how many members of their family has been married in that very building? I don't even think I know the answer to that.

 It was pretty awesome to go into the tabernacle with the kiddos. Noah and Ellie wouldn't stay for a picture; they wanted to explore so they wandered toward the stairs and missed this priceless shot.
  We went to the Church History Museum, which is impressive. We didn't have time to go far, but it was enough to make us want to go back. I promised we could try to come back later, either that day or another day this trip.
The boys try lifting stones for building a temple

Book of Mormon area. Behind me is the Grandin Press.
The Kirtland era (just a backdrop, but it looks real!)  

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Family Time, Aug 3-5

Okay, so this whole trip is about family time, but I couldn't think of a better title for this post. Some more fun stuff we did during our time together at Wolf Creek--
We always love to swim together, our family!

It's been a few years, but we still love tennis, too!

These two are plotting their next mischief. They're so cute together!
August 4th is the birthday of one of our FAVORITE people, who happens to be my oldest nephew, Ashton J. Loader. He is the coolest kid ever, even under fire--cool as a cucumber. He came that way; I hope he never changes. He is now 13 years old! The years have flown by and I have such soft spot in my heart for this fella. To celebrate, we went to his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Here he is, riding the birthday bronco:

 It was a bit of a rush because a bunch of folks were joining him to go to a movie right after, but it's always fun to eat with my fantastic family...even if we request all kinds of impossible things and make the restaurant crazy ("can we join these tables?" "can we add some chairs?" "can we put this order on express? we're in a hurry." "oh, it's his birthday! that's why we're here!"). heheheh!

After checking out from the resort, we spent the afternoon and night with Dad and Terree. Another paradise! They have everything to make kids happy: games and all manner of entertainment inside; activities and beauty outside. We always get lots of exercise and music in while we're there, not to mention good food. Here, these kids are super excited to make their own sundaes:
We only stayed one night, but the plan was to return in a few days and stay again. Love Dad and Terree!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Second Day on Pineview, August 4

Our second day of boating was even more fun than the first day. Between James and Dad, we had access to a LOT of fun stuff to do!

Noah takes Terree and Ellie on a ride

Bobbie started Ellie on the boogie board from shore.

Natalie loves this steering wheel!

From Dad's boat, looking at James's boat. Bobbie just dove in off the board.
 I think this is when Bobbie came to Ellie's rescue to start her again. Ellie had it in her head that she couldn't do it on her own, but she wanted to go again. So Bobbie paddled out and Corky held the board while she held Ellie.
It was SO fabulous to have everyone cheering for Ellie from two boats!

When I take a selfie, I'm usually with a baby.
 Much of our fun was made possible was made possible by selfless babysitters, especially Terree, Mom and Whitney.

Isaac on the skis.
 Noah had second thoughts about getting on the knee board at this point.
At the end of the day...a pretty perfect day!