Friday, November 25, 2016

Provo Day- Aug 8

We wanted to spend some time in Provo, and Monday the 8th was the day. We hit a few snags, but enjoyed it all anyway.

The new temple in Provo was a huge must-see for us! It was closed, of course, being Monday, but we were hoping to walk around. There's a gate, though, so the grounds were closed, too. We took pictures there anyway. This is a very special place to us.We used to have stake conferences in the tabernacle here before it burned down. I love that they built the temple as the original tabernacle used to look! It really is beautiful.

 Natalie wasn't about to let anyone but her mom hold her.
Isaac and Ellie are rebels.
Atticus had to pose like his cousins...I love his face!
 We wanted to see the pioneer village they have by Veteran's Park, but it wasn't open yet. Fortunately, there's a great park where we could kill some time.

 Then we crossed the green to the pioneer village. It was super interesting and fun!

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