Sunday, November 13, 2016

Family Time, Aug 3-5

Okay, so this whole trip is about family time, but I couldn't think of a better title for this post. Some more fun stuff we did during our time together at Wolf Creek--
We always love to swim together, our family!

It's been a few years, but we still love tennis, too!

These two are plotting their next mischief. They're so cute together!
August 4th is the birthday of one of our FAVORITE people, who happens to be my oldest nephew, Ashton J. Loader. He is the coolest kid ever, even under fire--cool as a cucumber. He came that way; I hope he never changes. He is now 13 years old! The years have flown by and I have such soft spot in my heart for this fella. To celebrate, we went to his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Here he is, riding the birthday bronco:

 It was a bit of a rush because a bunch of folks were joining him to go to a movie right after, but it's always fun to eat with my fantastic family...even if we request all kinds of impossible things and make the restaurant crazy ("can we join these tables?" "can we add some chairs?" "can we put this order on express? we're in a hurry." "oh, it's his birthday! that's why we're here!"). heheheh!

After checking out from the resort, we spent the afternoon and night with Dad and Terree. Another paradise! They have everything to make kids happy: games and all manner of entertainment inside; activities and beauty outside. We always get lots of exercise and music in while we're there, not to mention good food. Here, these kids are super excited to make their own sundaes:
We only stayed one night, but the plan was to return in a few days and stay again. Love Dad and Terree!

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