Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I'm less than two weeks from my due date. I may resemble a duck when I walk, I may wince when I change positions, my heart rate may double by the time I reach the top of the stairs...but I AM SO LUCKY. Check it out.
This was my view while making rolls the other day. Perfection! Beautiful day, yummy rolls on their way, two boys playing happily (and tirelessly) with rocks. I approve.

Isaac wants to be tied up. This could be a workable solution for time-outs.

We finally got a visit from some of our favorite people from Kenya. What a blast!

But this made our week:

I'm so glad Jared entered that drawing! We don't actually even know Rachel, but we've been blogstalking her for a while. Because she makes us laugh. Get your Mr. T bookmark by clicking on Rachel Says So in our bloglist! You won't be sorry.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Look of Trouble

When Noah is in trouble (or even if he thinks he is), it's not hard to figure out. All you have to do is look at his face. If he's covering it, he might just be doing something naughty...or thinking about it. Of course, he's not the only one who gets in trouble. I believe Isaac's exact words to me just four days ago were, "Mommy, I am so disappointed that you got a ticket." Yeah, me too!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Springtime Happenings

After watching the snow melt and acknowledging our birthdays, we knew spring was really on its way. This involved some fun times:

Hanging out with the Poseys
It had been so long! Lots and lots of fun all rolled into just a few hours.

Isaac's Crazy Fashion Sense Strikes Again

Need I say more?
Cherry Blossom Festival
We headed to D.C. for this famed event on April Fool's Day for a preschool field trip.

The Potomac is kind of brown.

Making some great faces
Don't be deceived; they didn't actually sit very much!

Noah enjoyed walking along the wall, trying to keep his balance.

Isaac, looking reflective.
Isaac took this picture of my belly...

Dalynn took all the good pictures!

George Mason's hat and walking stick (as well as his lap) were a source of much entertainment during our picnic.
Our picnic view was quite nice.

As we sat in traffic on the way home (which was much more tolerable than usual), Isaac started taking pictures. "Noah, make a cute face," and this is one of the keepers.
We have to include the egg hunts. First, a good portion of the 973 eggs at the Dunns' house made their way home with us.

I really didn't expect them to be so ambitious! This is a first.

We have been talking about and saving for light sabers for months now. Imagine Isaac's delight when he and Noah got one to share...
and another one each in their Easter baskets. Of course there was a battle soon after.

It reminded me of the good old days of growing up as a Brough kid. We were always doing this!

I had to remind them the were out there to hunt for eggs!

General Conference
We've looked forward to it and it did not disappoint! It has been so nice to read other people's thoughts on some of the things they learned. Since I felt like I was shushing a good part of the time, I would love to hear about your favorite parts of Conference and what was most significant to you.
Between sessions on Saturday we got a short hike in the woods to a new landmark--"the chair"--where, of course, two little ones had to get some pictures and were too tired to go any further.
It's okay to have fat guy in a little coat in your head when you look at these pictures. It's rather amusing to me, too.

Lamb Day with Preschool
Most of the sheep on the farm here have had their lambs now. It has been so much fun seeing them grow. So we had preschool here Wednesday and learned about sheep and lambs.

We saw the newborns with their mothers in the barn. One ewe was particularly loud (she had triplets and was always hungry).
Katie the sheep dog was brought out to meet the kids, much to their (and her) great delight.

She did a wonderful job of rounding up the sheep so we could see all the playful lambs up close.

When it was time to go, Noah got on Richard's tractor and completely ignored me while I beckoned him to the gate. Of course, I had to go back and get him from his happy world of imaginary farming.
San Antonio
It's where we're going to live when fall comes! We will SO miss Maryland (well, not the taxes, hahaha)...but we are very excited to try out the Texas life.

Hot Hot Hot
It has been incredibly warm for April recently, but it has allowed us to do things that make me feel like a good mom again (and I need that). Like yesterday after grocery shopping we had a picnic down by Gunpowder River, where we splashed and had a perfect time.

I love spring!