Friday, December 28, 2012

When You Marry in June

 This is my sister, Noelle. She's my bestest buddy. And last June, she got married... this guy. Dane. He's pretty much awesome!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the events (and they had an outstanding photographer so it was really hard to choose just a few)!

Their reception was the night before at the old Manilla Chapel! This is where we all went to church for years when we first moved to Utah. It was an old pioneer building that had countless additions and it just has so much character. Since becoming a reception center, it is unrecognizably beautiful while still keeping that old character we all love. Everyone came. So many folks from the old 3rd ward! And it was really special to be there with them.

Isaac got sick and threw up all over the reception center right as guests were starting to arrive. Jared took him upstairs and snapped this pic with his phone. And there Isaac stayed.
A little while later, Ellie felt a lot heavier on my shoulder... I forced a stranger off a couch and laid her there so I could dance.
 There was much dancing! Ashton was one of the stars. Here he is, tuckered out after some boogying.
  And then there's Dad.

 My Dad lives to dance.
 I missed this part with Traci at her wedding, and then I missed it with Noelle. *sigh*

 Of course, the next was the really important part!

I love my little sis. My only little sis! I keep telling Dane he better be as good as Noelle thinks he is. I think he is. They're almost 7 Months Happy now!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

(almost) Everyone Together

Again, from June when we were in Utah. We didn't see a WHOLE lot of Noelle and Dane, but it was so fun to get together with everyone. Everyone missed Trace and her family, though!  );

 Mom got all the sweetest upgrades after I moved away from home. 
 We went to Trafalga for some high-quality kid-entertainment.

 Katie met us there! It's always good to see one's favorite person from high school. :)
 Thanksgiving Point would not be neglected. One day at the Children's Garden...

 ...And one day at the big gardens.

 I still can't believe I got paid to wander around here one summer.
 It's one of my favorite places and I'm so glad my children have been able to appreciate it, too.

I love my family! It was so good to see Uncle Bob and Aunt Jeanne--we hadn't seen them since our trip to New York in 2009. And it had been almost as long for everyone else (except Mom, Dad and Noelle). Now if we could just get to Virginia before Traci's kids are grown up...!