Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello, baby

This is a nursery in the making. There's still a lot of work to do, but I put a lot into reorganizing and consolidating to make this much happen. It's frightening to think of how much will have to be set up in the near future, much of it never disappearing again until we move next summer!

Goodbye, sunshine

Isaac had his hair cut. About a week ago Jared finally did the deed and now Isaac's not quite as blond. We love it, though-- it's so easy!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Happy Veteran's Day

We know a few veterans and we'd like to thank them all. In particular, we'd like to take our hats off to Adam, Laurel's brother-in-law, who is still in Iraq now. His homecoming will be December 22nd, a wonderful Christmas present for the whole family...especially Trace.

In recognizing the veterans, I think it's equally important to applaud the supportive families, the wives and children and parents of those serving our country. Trace, you're awesome.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birthday Fun

Isaac was SO excited to have a birthday. He kept saying "on Saturday is my birthday" and "I want to have a birthday," and other such wishes were expressed.Here he is, saying something like "I love birthdays!" We were just waiting for the guests to arrive. In the background you can see part of Jared's masterpiece: the burning building.He was very glad to wear his firetruck shirt, since that was the theme of the party. Still waiting. Fortunately, Isaac's cousin Tanner came early, so we had some fun before the festivities began.
Dallin is Isaac's friend from church. He and Laurel were the only ones on time; but that's my family! Once they all arrived we played games like "pin the dog on the firetruck" and "throw the fireman (a.k.a., bean bag) into the burning building." We had thought that to get those bean bags in any of the "windows" would be next to impossible, but soon my Mom, Corky, Bobbie and Jared proved everyone wrong.Mom was pretty excited when she got it in. No one else had managed yet.

Ah, yes, the cake. Our sweet friend made this amazing cake and I had the privilege of decorating it. My first. Those dang gels are harder than they look to squeeze uniformly. But I must say, my favorite part was making the firemen point their hoses at the candle.

And then there were presents, presents and more presents. Take a look at this loot! Even Isaac looks overwhelmed (of course, that was taken right after his nap).

With the exception of phonecalls and accommodating early leavers (and, oops, forgot the ice cream!), we quite enjoyed ourselves.

When it was over, we just relaxed, watched "Jungle Book" (which, sorry to say folks, is Isaac's FAVORITE present...who would have thought?), and hung out. Oh! And went outside to ride the new awesome bike from Bobbie & Ashton! Aren't these firetruck PJs the greatest? We love them! He was overwhelmed by the amount of "fire" stuff. Awesome!
This is my little fire-loving boy and me reading some of his new books together on the evening of his second birthday. Life is sweet, isn't it?

Friday, November 2, 2007

Chicken Farmers

Okay, already! The long-awaited Halloween pictures are here. I tried to post these yesterday, but the blogger was so tired from all my posts, it didn't work. You're lucky to have this, actually, because today I thought I'd crashed my computer!
You have to click on the above picture to see Isaac's weird-funny face.
This is our picture for the ward directory!

Gotta love the action shot! Isaac was impossible to hold still.
Not bad of Jared, but you can tell Isaac's got something else in mind. He always has something else in mind.
This is that typical mom-pose where, in an effort to make her child interested in the camera, she feels the need to open her mouth really wide while smiling in the hopeful direction. It never works for making the kid respond how you want them to, though; just makes the mom look crazy.

Isaac got the award for "silliest costume." I think they meant "silliest boy. Still, he definitely deserved something for the hopping he did between cars during the trunk-or-treat. It was fun to see him so excited. Every once in a while he'd even say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you!"

Now the boy thinks candy should be an every day occurrence.

Thursday, November 1, 2007