Friday, November 2, 2007

Chicken Farmers

Okay, already! The long-awaited Halloween pictures are here. I tried to post these yesterday, but the blogger was so tired from all my posts, it didn't work. You're lucky to have this, actually, because today I thought I'd crashed my computer!
You have to click on the above picture to see Isaac's weird-funny face.
This is our picture for the ward directory!

Gotta love the action shot! Isaac was impossible to hold still.
Not bad of Jared, but you can tell Isaac's got something else in mind. He always has something else in mind.
This is that typical mom-pose where, in an effort to make her child interested in the camera, she feels the need to open her mouth really wide while smiling in the hopeful direction. It never works for making the kid respond how you want them to, though; just makes the mom look crazy.

Isaac got the award for "silliest costume." I think they meant "silliest boy. Still, he definitely deserved something for the hopping he did between cars during the trunk-or-treat. It was fun to see him so excited. Every once in a while he'd even say "trick-or-treat" and "thank you!"

Now the boy thinks candy should be an every day occurrence.


Laura said...

You guys are so cute-and what a cute idea for a halloween costume! Also in response to your claim that Isaac doesn't cooperate as far as posing in pictures....I think his father may have something to do with that, Jared only really smiles in pictures 2% if the time, the rest are his patented faces, which don't get me wrong they are great too!

Trace Gibson said...

Fine, I DO feel lucky! Happy? I love the top picture of Isaac...hilarious (it kind of reminds me of Dad's wife Terree--see it? ha ha). The farmer's are indeed a Halloween hit, and I LOVE that you posed for your ward directory picture in very Jared and Laurel-like!

Ryan said...

Ya'll always have the best halloween costume ideas. You look so dang cute! Happy birfffday (as they say it in the south) Isaac!
xoxo to you!