Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Time

We are so lucky to have had my sister, Traci, and her family living here for as long as they did. Alas, they have left and gone to a warmer place: Arizona. Trace was kind enough to take time out for us and shoot some pictures of our family last week, and I think it's high time I shared some of them.

Off we go

Getting it together
Still getting it together

And there goes Isaac ...

Yes, we forced it, but he didn't mind.

He loves his little brother

(what a relief)!

Play Time

Tromping through the snow in our back yard

Quality family time

A rare shot of Jared looking anxious and Laurel looking happy-go-lucky. Isaac always looks like he'd rather be climbing.
So happy together...!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Three Different Looks

This is the look of trouble.
It makes our hearts hurt; it's just so sad. Isaac got in trouble. My amazing sister Trace and her camera were there, so we have documentation.
I have to include this one next, so everyone knows how happy he can be, just 10 minutes later. He is playing "bus" with his cousin Kennedy.
It is the look of cuteness.
And this is the look of serenity.It is the stark difference between a 2-year-old and a 2-week-old. Yes, Noah has reached the ripe old age of 2 weeks. He has grown an inch and a half and gained 11 ounces. I know, I know: straight cream!
There are more pictures to come... I have to confess that my sister did not " just happen" to be there. She came for an entire "Laney Family Photo Shoot."

Friday, January 18, 2008

Imagination, Imagination

Isaac has an incredible imagination now; I've only recently begun to realize this. Every once in a while when I can't really play with him, I'll have him "get in the car"-- he buckles up from his booster (the bed) and I drive, while very illegally holding a baby, and he tells me where we're going. It's fun. He loves it when I do the sound effects...I must say I am a little rusty, but I'm getting better. We go to school, have animal parades, but the most beloved is the bus.
He knows the ASL sign ("ding for the next stop!") and the sound of any bus passing our house. But lately he likes to get on his own bus. My last morning at the hospital he kept climbing in the shower. We were like, "where's Isaac? Is he in the shower??" and he corrected us from behind the door: "No, it's a bus." Oh, okay..... My favorite sound, which is terrible of me as a mom, is still resonating in my head: Isaac was fooling around in the "bus" and got caught in an unexplained spray of cold water-- the helpless "aaaaaaaaah!!!!" still echoes in those halls. heheheh, good times! At home the preferred bus is our closet with the sliding doors.
His new game is playing firefighter. He makes his Dad have a broken leg or something and call 911, specifically asking for Firefighter Isaac. Over and over! But Jared loves it.
I don't know if I mentioned this in the blog yet, but Isaac is amazing with Noah (so far)! The most aggression he's shown was when I was typing at the computer with Noah in my lap, and Isaac came up and put his mouth near Noah's head. A couple of minutes later, Isaac was gone and Noah's hair was wet and sticking up in the middle of his head. There was no crying, so it couldn't have been that bad. But it has been surprising to us how much Isaac loves "Little Brudder." We have decided to keep Isaac the Little Dude, by the way, so Noah is Little Brudder... "I can make it on my own!"

Saturday, January 12, 2008

From the Mama's Perspective

Okay, so if you're as offended with yesterday's post (and that prize-winning picture of me) as I am, I have to say: I promised I wouldn't change it after Jared was done. Sorry. But here's a little bit of my view on the whole birthing-your-second-child thing.

Jared didn't mention all the details, and I'd like to share some. Yes, going natural still hurts. A lot. Ow! But when you have an awesome husband who's able to coach you through your mantra with each contraction, it takes the edge off a bit. Hypnobirthing is not magic, though....
The story really starts, however, with me being cool as a cucumber. They have this holding room in the hospital when you get off the elevator (to see if you're worthy to enter their floor). I pick up the phone and someone asks if they can help me. "Yes, I've ordered a baby boy and I think he's ready."

This is a shot of me between contractions. Can you believe he took this?? Neither can I. That's what my face is saying.

Yep, you guessed it. Put that camera down, here comes another one!

Meanwhile, it started to snow shortly after we arrived at the hospital and Jared loved the view so much, he just had to take pictures between coaching me. If pain didn't subdue me so well, he'd probably be in trouble....

And here's what the view was like after the baby was born. It kept right on snowing through the day, apparently. Noah means peaceful and calm. I can't think of anything more calming than watching the snow fall.

Anyway: details, details. Once again, I found that contractions are much more doable after your water has broken. Kind of stinks if your water doesn't break on its own. Luckily, I had them page the doctor as soon as they were willing. Then, in a particularly owifying contraction, I used my superpowers and broke my own water, saying "Yes!"

There is absolutely nothing like watching someone jump to miss that kind of a tidal wave. Yes, Jared jumped and it went right between his legs. I was so relieved of pain, I commented, "That was awesome."

Thirty seconds later, while I was apologizing for the mess, my old stake president walked in. Don't worry; he's my OB. He assessed the situation and figured he had time to make two other stops while I began the task of pushing.

He didn't have time. I didn't know it and he didn't know it. But after a page or two (including STAT at the end of the second one), and then the famous "Code White," he came running in, just in time to catch that baby.

Folks, I want you all to know that it's hard to pant instead of push. I tried, I really did. I'd start out panting like the nurse instructed me to, then I'd say "I'm pushing, I'm sorry, I'm pushing!" I asked if they couldn't catch the baby. Then I asked, "Can't Jared do it?" Let's wait for the doctor, they all said. Half serious, half attempting a joke, I stated, "I'm birthing this baby!" For REAL.

I know you all craved those details. Isn't it exciting? Thank goodness it all turned out so well. I had some great blessings, comparatively speaking, and am finally starting to adjust to real life.

But please do not ask me to wear anything but pajamas for a long, long time. And anyone who has two children is my new hero. Those of you who have more than must know how I feel about you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The New Guy

Well, folks...he's here. The littlest dude has arrived. Noah Grey Laney. 6 lb 12 oz, 19" long at 7:08 on January 9th. Three days late, just like his big brother. Laurel says I shouldn't put this picture of her in here, but I think it's pretty good. What do you think? Let's get a little web poll going here. I want to hear the comments. Isn't she a happy, pretty new mommy? I thought so. So we got home this morning. Isaac and I had to be at the hospital at about 6:30 this morning, you know, 48 hours post birth & they give you the boot. They didn't really give us the boot until about 8:30, though, so I could have slept in. Blast! If only I had known. Oh well. Everybody's home and happy. I've even changed two mustard yellow diapers already today.
Isn't this one great?! I think the original little dude is gonna make a good big brother after all. We weren't sure how he was going to take it, but we talked it up so much, I guess he believed some of it. Isaac gets a big smile on his face when he sees him and likes to tell him "Hi brother."
Here he is right after they brought him down to the nursery--just chillin' in his crib. Very sleepy for the first little while...and I'm not just talking about him.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

39 and 1/2 weeks

Apparently the baby has dropped, but no sign of when he will make an appearance. 3 cm and 85% effacement. That's all the info you want, right? If you don't mind the request, just look at my kid...s. This is Isaac giving the baby a hug. If you've ever asked him for a hug, you may have noticed that he offers his head and that's about it.
How sweet is this?? My first baby, always and forever, giving the second baby a kiss. I hope Isaac remembers how to be this nice once the Littler Dude arrives!