Wednesday, January 2, 2008

39 and 1/2 weeks

Apparently the baby has dropped, but no sign of when he will make an appearance. 3 cm and 85% effacement. That's all the info you want, right? If you don't mind the request, just look at my kid...s. This is Isaac giving the baby a hug. If you've ever asked him for a hug, you may have noticed that he offers his head and that's about it.
How sweet is this?? My first baby, always and forever, giving the second baby a kiss. I hope Isaac remembers how to be this nice once the Littler Dude arrives!


Trace Gibson said...

Awww...such sweetness! I love that little Isaac and can't WAIT to meet the "littler dude!" Laurel, you've yet to look anything but beautiful in every stage of your pregnancy (it's depressing for the rest of us!) I hope we get to be here for the delivery and help out once the bundle of joy arrives!

Janel said...

What a sweet photo! I am excited to see photos of the new baby when the time comes.

Anonymous said...

Something tells me he's arrived! Can't wait to see him you guys!! Love!!