Saturday, January 12, 2008

From the Mama's Perspective

Okay, so if you're as offended with yesterday's post (and that prize-winning picture of me) as I am, I have to say: I promised I wouldn't change it after Jared was done. Sorry. But here's a little bit of my view on the whole birthing-your-second-child thing.

Jared didn't mention all the details, and I'd like to share some. Yes, going natural still hurts. A lot. Ow! But when you have an awesome husband who's able to coach you through your mantra with each contraction, it takes the edge off a bit. Hypnobirthing is not magic, though....
The story really starts, however, with me being cool as a cucumber. They have this holding room in the hospital when you get off the elevator (to see if you're worthy to enter their floor). I pick up the phone and someone asks if they can help me. "Yes, I've ordered a baby boy and I think he's ready."

This is a shot of me between contractions. Can you believe he took this?? Neither can I. That's what my face is saying.

Yep, you guessed it. Put that camera down, here comes another one!

Meanwhile, it started to snow shortly after we arrived at the hospital and Jared loved the view so much, he just had to take pictures between coaching me. If pain didn't subdue me so well, he'd probably be in trouble....

And here's what the view was like after the baby was born. It kept right on snowing through the day, apparently. Noah means peaceful and calm. I can't think of anything more calming than watching the snow fall.

Anyway: details, details. Once again, I found that contractions are much more doable after your water has broken. Kind of stinks if your water doesn't break on its own. Luckily, I had them page the doctor as soon as they were willing. Then, in a particularly owifying contraction, I used my superpowers and broke my own water, saying "Yes!"

There is absolutely nothing like watching someone jump to miss that kind of a tidal wave. Yes, Jared jumped and it went right between his legs. I was so relieved of pain, I commented, "That was awesome."

Thirty seconds later, while I was apologizing for the mess, my old stake president walked in. Don't worry; he's my OB. He assessed the situation and figured he had time to make two other stops while I began the task of pushing.

He didn't have time. I didn't know it and he didn't know it. But after a page or two (including STAT at the end of the second one), and then the famous "Code White," he came running in, just in time to catch that baby.

Folks, I want you all to know that it's hard to pant instead of push. I tried, I really did. I'd start out panting like the nurse instructed me to, then I'd say "I'm pushing, I'm sorry, I'm pushing!" I asked if they couldn't catch the baby. Then I asked, "Can't Jared do it?" Let's wait for the doctor, they all said. Half serious, half attempting a joke, I stated, "I'm birthing this baby!" For REAL.

I know you all craved those details. Isn't it exciting? Thank goodness it all turned out so well. I had some great blessings, comparatively speaking, and am finally starting to adjust to real life.

But please do not ask me to wear anything but pajamas for a long, long time. And anyone who has two children is my new hero. Those of you who have more than must know how I feel about you!


Mindy said...

I personally loved your story...found it quite entertaining! Congratulations to you guys-your new little man is as handsome as your first. Way to go! (So am I one of your heroes now??). Good luck! We sure do miss you guys.

Cheyney and Ryan Lindgren said...

You are amazing! I love your sense of humor. He is adorable. Enjoy those pajamas and try to get some sleep! We are sending our love!

Bob And Tiffany said...

and those pictures are the exact reason why bob and I are looking into adoption. water breaking...can we can too much information! WE love you and are very jealous and wish you all the sleep that you can possibly tolerate..I've heard that you are going to need it. miss you lots. hope to see you in the spring.

Laura said...

I love that you shared all the details-and I will have to say that waiting for the Dr. to show up is probably the worst part of the whole experience-I thought I was going to die, and that was the only time during the whole thing that I thought I may say not so nice things to anyone who touched me! Also the fact that you did it naturally is amazing-you must have super human powers.

Rachel said...

Being one who has always requested an epidural from the very beginning of any pain at all, I hugely admire you and your toughness! As well as Jared's excellent coaching. Although I think I would kill Spencer if he ever took pictures of me while I was in labor like that!

Sells Family said...

Your story is amazing! Laughed until I fell off the chair! Congrats, you are a role model to us all doing it natural. Can you send me some info on the birthing style you did, I think I want to do it for my next one...
see you in a few weeks
PS I am staying with Brittany Anderson.

Trace Gibson said...

Great Story Laurel! I love how witty and "with it" you were through it all! I was just smart enough to bring loads of goodies to bribe the nurses to like me (but it's not like I'M a nurse, so I'm sure you got great care!). I'm glad you ended up with the baby boy you ordered! hee hee

Carina said...

Congratulations! Wow, I can't believe one of my freshman roommates has two kids already...that's awesome. He's beautiful! I really admire you for going natural. I had planned on it but ended up getting an epidural because contractions with pitocin are KILLER, no exaggeration. Mine were even worse once they broke the water! All I can say is, I'm glad I was induced because he was almost 8 pounds at 38 weeks, so you can only imagine what he would have weighed had I gone as long as you did. Mad props to you, Laurel! Love you always!
P.S. I need to come meet Noah sometime! Let me know when you're up to having visitors...I'm back at work now (groan), so nights or weekends are the best for me. Can't wait!

Benji & Melissa Pearson Family said...

I love that you delivered natural, I would totally expect that of you! I also delivered 2 9lbs boys through the hypnobirthing method. I loved it. My first born was totally hard as I had the WORST back labor in history for 22 hours! But I didn't give in, I was stubborn and wanted to prove that I CAN do it. My second last August was the funnest thing in the world. I came in the hospital at a 6 and they finally admitted me an hour later at a 7 but I still felt awesome and was laughing and totally having a fun time. After they finally broke my water things moved rapidly and I was in pain for a short hour that felt like forever but it was so worth it! I plan on hypnobirthing all my kids. I've done it twice, it just get's easyer!
I want to come and visit or hang out with you and L. Maxfield! I love you gals and miss you too!
Love Melissa Pearson...have you seen our blog?