Monday, July 25, 2011

Where Did the Summer Go?

Apparently I've been too busy to blog. It's true.

I really should be scraping up flooring because tomorrow is the installation of our new tile. We're still recovering from new carpet upstairs and soon we'll be tackling the living areas ourselves. Oh yes, and the house is ours now (and the bank's). Pretty exciting stuff.

But I do have something to show for this fleeting summer we're having.

It started out with a HUGE yard sale we hosted. It was a multi-multi-multi-family event, very well-supported and a lot of fun to participate in. Honestly, I felt like my only real contribution was saying "yes" to having it at our house.

Hmm, what else did we do? We ate S'MORES (of course!)

Don't pretend you don't try to get every last bite.

We had visitors! Mama & Papa Laney
In their typical poses:

Sadly I don't have any more pictures of them from their visit, but we had a great time. We took them to Rudy's, Sea World and the Alamo.

Some things never change. Our Sundays still usually look like this:

Ellie has been working on being like her mother in two ways. 1) The "Hair in Your Face" look, and 2) Those crazy facial expressions.

This is the most classic Ellie pout ever caught on film.

Noah has been working on this look for a while.

However some things do change!

Ellie's Cuteness Skills are still growing faster than the national debt.

Can you tell I like this girl?

And she finally decided to WALK!

Last, but not least, we went on a road trip. More to come on that.