Thursday, September 22, 2011

That is SO Isaac!

Well, I was already going to share these two pictures from this past week:

Isaac's masterpiece from Sunday School, where he was supposed to draw what he'd say in a prayer, what he's thankful for ("my family") and what he might ask for (his very own army with the "I" symbol on each person and swords of varying lengths--he pointed out that feature to me).

And this is an example of how he does his schoolwork. He doesn't just write "M" by the M words like the instructions say; he tries to sound out in his mind how to spell the entire word...and does a pretty awesome job!

THEN I got a letter from his teacher about what a happy, eager-to-learn child he is. Does anything make a mother more proud? If only he'd act that way at home...I guess he's all tired out from being good all day.

And now, for good measure, a few quotes from Little I:
  • "Noah, you're not yet worthy to say a prayer in Conference."
  • When asked why he was so smart, he humbly replied, "Because there's a school inside my body. That's even a smart way to say it."
  • "You look like a crazy lady when you shake your head around. Yeah. Like that. That's Crazy Lady."
  • When asked if he was a hot pepper, "No. I'm good and cheesy and ice cream-like."
  • Feeling grateful one day, "Sinks are everything to me. If they don't have a sink...too bad, so sad, your dad."
  • After a very silly bedtime story, he asked, "Daddy, what part of that is true?" Jared quietly laughed, "I don't know..." and tried to exit the room. Before he could close the door, Isaac retorted, "Then why did it come out of your FACE!?"
  • After calculating how many months, weeks, days, etc., we'd all been alive, Laurel discovered she had long passed the 10,000 day mark. She wondered, "10,000 days old! What did I do??" Isaac's swift addition to this was, "I hope you haven't done ridiculous things."