Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Weekend of Wild West Texas

I started this post over a month ago, but the computer needed some professional help soon afterward. So, now that I have it back, I don't think it will hurt to update the old blog anyway. After all, it's been quite a while!

We took a trip out to Boerne one Saturday to experience Enchanted Springs Ranch. It's not far from San Antonio and we had a wonderful day there. It's an active movie set, a working ranch, a monument to Texas history, and a great place to entertain a young family.

First we saw Pistol Packin' Paula's show outside--guns and bullwhips are never boring.

Then we explored the "town." There were lots of things to do and learn about, including a museum dedicated to real Texas Rangers, which was interesting.

You don't need to ask if this place was perfect for our family at this stage, do you?

I don't know what Isaac thought he could do with a horseshoe in wooden cogs....

There's nothing like a blacksmith shop to make boys feel like men.

While the boys (and all the other visitors) were watching a stunt show where the bad guy gets shot of a roof by Pistol Packin' Paula, Ellie wandered into the saloon where she found some mighty nice dance music.

We also went on a wagon ride through the ranch to see their exotic animal collection. There were animals from around the world, which apparently was an "in" thing to have among early wealthy ranchers in Texas. I didn't bother taking pictures of my kids peeking out of the wagon to see them. Enjoying the moment beats photos of the back of someone's head and a blurry animal in the distance.

Everyone was allowed to have a photo-opp with the resident Longhorn right before closing time.

On our way out we discovered the Kids' Korral. Our young'uns were in heaven from beginning to end of this place!

(Don't let that face fool you. Heaven!)

On a completely different subject, look what I discovered I could do with E's hair a couple of months ago:

I can't believe it's this long, especially because it feels like she was born about a month ago.

And while Isaac's busy pretending to be a knight-ninja in running shoes at our rainy garage sale...
Noah stole his school-made cowboy hat for a quick picture. Look out, folks! They mean business in Texas, with the cowboy stuff and Tejano heritage...Fiesta Days are coming! And they sure know how to party here.