Monday, June 20, 2011

Parade of the Pre-K

One of the perks of military life is Pre-K. Isaac had a great experience during the eight months he attended Pre-K at the elementary school down the street from us. He'll be going there in the fall as a Kindergartener.

In April they had a big celebration for Fiesta Days, which we attended. His classmates are all so sweet! They're a pretty close bunch.

Noah and Ellie enjoyed themselves at the party, too.

The teachers are really good with the kids. They have lots of fun. After the food the kids began to sing and dance to all kinds of fiesta songs they'd been practicing. It was so fun to watch.

The were singing back to back, belly to belly....

I loved her face when she got to be Isaac's partner.

Matthew is Isaac's best friend. He would never think ill of anyone, especially of Isaac. Unfortunately for him, Isaac is a bit of a crazy when he's getting into a song he likes. I caught this right after Isaac accidentally and unknowingly bumped him during his exaggerated motions of one of the songs. Matthew went, "Ow..." and then realized who he was standing by and forgot about it.

Next they lined up and marched in a Fiesta Parade around the halls of the school so all the big kids could coo and cheer for them. Here they come...

Ms. Valadez is the best! I hope she's still there for Noah in a couple of years.

I love Isaac's face as he went by us.

Isaac had a TON of crafts he started bringing home from school right from the beginning. I don't know how they fit it all in because they have only 3 hours each day. But he developed quite a collection, most of which made it to his walls.

I got in the habit of taking his picture with them each week.

He was grateful to find that he could be crafty, even though his old ma doesn't take much time to do such fun stuff at home.

Before school ended, his class had a Luau, which we attended.

Everyone calls Noah "Little Isaac Laney"--except John, who remembers that Noah likes to be called Robin Hood. Besides, as Noah says, "I'm not little!"

There were lots of games and treats, music and dancing. E's favorite part were the leis, which she now claims as her own and puts on whenever she sees them.

On the last day of school, when they lined up outside, the teachers made it very clear that they would be walking in as Pre-K and walking out as Kindergarteners. They thought that was pretty nifty. Isaac's going to miss his class; I will miss those 3 hours of quiet. But Noah's happy to have him at home more and none of us will miss the rush of walk-running to school in the heat. Besides, all-day Kinder will come way too soon for us all.