Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cute Little Things

This post is kind of miscellaneous. Between January and when Babycakes was born, there were so many times that inspired a picture and these moments are close to my heart, mostly for obvious reasons.
Ellie washing dishes

The deformed (and delicious!) carrot from our garden

Noah's letter to the tooth fairy when his tooth flew out of his hand on the sidewalk by the condo

Ellie's Nursery Rhyme creations from preschool
Ellie's shenanigans...creating trains in her bedroom
Isaac the Superman (he's hard to catch!) on the 100th day of school
Heart hair on Valentine's
How this girl gets all dressed up to dance in my room and ends up taking care of a baby doll

When these two get to painting together
Olympics from preschool. She said that medal was delicious!

Fun times at the zoo

The contract that was to end all fighting and divisiveness between the boys

"Mom, I'm ready to go to the beach. I don't care if it's freezing outside. I'll be reeeeeally disappointed if you don't take me."

"I'm a mouse. Squeak!"

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Birthdays of Winter 2014

Birthday season for our family starts immediately after the New Year. In San Antonio, Noah has the first birthday of the year.

For his 7th birthday, he really wanted to do something fun, so we went to a place called Thin Air and jumped ourselves crazy! Jared met us there after he finished the dreaded MCAT. It was definitely a fun and memorable experience. I, being quite pregnant, did not participate in the jumping, but it was almost as enjoyable to watch.
Sub-par pictures and who knows where Isaac is, but you get the idea of the fun.
Jared celebrated his 37th ("I'm thirty-seven, I'm not OLD!") in February. As a homeschooler, Noah was the only one who got to accompany us on our birthday date to 54th Street for lunch.
These kiddos were all in one place at dinner that night, so I snapped a picture with my phone. Don't know where the Birthday Boy was, though! (It's all probably lost on the computer).

 In March, Jared made the coolest thing EVER for my birthday. He had to stay up quite late to do it (I was asleep)...unfortunately, this caused some brain malfunctioning and he added on a year to my age, haha!

And, as you can guess, he spoiled me like crazy. As you also guess, there was another birth right after this. More on that later!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

What to DO??

I hope you've enjoyed all SIX parts of my 15 month-old recounting of our Christmas Break. After we lost all non-apple pictures older than 12 months, I was glad I was almost caught up on the blog at least that much. Then I looked at Facebook and realized there were many other pictures to choose from. But I've said my peace (piece?) and I'm ready to move on. Unfortunately, there are HUGE gaps where there should be pictures--losing precious photos of my little ones and their milestones/antics/artwork/adventures makes me want to cry. I can't even remember much without a picture to remind me.

That being said, I shall strive to play my part of Family Recorder to the best of my ability. I just want you to's sadly incomplete. But when have I ever captured as many moments on film as I'd like to have done? I'm too busy LIVING those moments! The Great Video in the Sky will tell all. Kinda scary.

To cheer you up--because I know you're as sorrowful as I am--here is a rare shot of Snow White stuck in the woods with her prince to rescue her. Noah is so great at playing along with Ellie's games!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Christmas Break 2014 Pt 6

So...since the last blog post I have lost a bunch of pictures due to a wee bit of a computer crash (boo!), but it could've been a lot worse (yay!). We'll take what we can get, but I'm sure there will be some gaps, so...sorry.

ON to the year-old (and older!) blogging!

Even though gifts were officially forbidden, Trace had quite a few presents to pass out. She also arranged a fun White Elephant party to take place. It was hilarious, fun, and touching--these cousins are so sweet to each other!

Ellie is thrilled that Aunt Trace brought the gift she'd given Ellie 9 months previously (we accidentally left it in Alabama)--Tinker Bell! She also loves her new present from Trace--Wedding Bear.
Mom is the sweetest present receiver you'll ever find. She is so grateful and she makes every giver feel so special!
Everyone else enjoyed their gifts, even the silly ones.
Cousins! These kids hadn't all seen each other at once before!
L-R: Laurel, Traci, Mom, Bobbie, & Whitney (newest member of the family and we LOVE her!)