Saturday, April 2, 2016

Christmas Break 2014 Pt 6

So...since the last blog post I have lost a bunch of pictures due to a wee bit of a computer crash (boo!), but it could've been a lot worse (yay!). We'll take what we can get, but I'm sure there will be some gaps, so...sorry.

ON to the year-old (and older!) blogging!

Even though gifts were officially forbidden, Trace had quite a few presents to pass out. She also arranged a fun White Elephant party to take place. It was hilarious, fun, and touching--these cousins are so sweet to each other!

Ellie is thrilled that Aunt Trace brought the gift she'd given Ellie 9 months previously (we accidentally left it in Alabama)--Tinker Bell! She also loves her new present from Trace--Wedding Bear.
Mom is the sweetest present receiver you'll ever find. She is so grateful and she makes every giver feel so special!
Everyone else enjoyed their gifts, even the silly ones.
Cousins! These kids hadn't all seen each other at once before!
L-R: Laurel, Traci, Mom, Bobbie, & Whitney (newest member of the family and we LOVE her!)

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