Thursday, April 14, 2016

Birthdays of Winter 2014

Birthday season for our family starts immediately after the New Year. In San Antonio, Noah has the first birthday of the year.

For his 7th birthday, he really wanted to do something fun, so we went to a place called Thin Air and jumped ourselves crazy! Jared met us there after he finished the dreaded MCAT. It was definitely a fun and memorable experience. I, being quite pregnant, did not participate in the jumping, but it was almost as enjoyable to watch.
Sub-par pictures and who knows where Isaac is, but you get the idea of the fun.
Jared celebrated his 37th ("I'm thirty-seven, I'm not OLD!") in February. As a homeschooler, Noah was the only one who got to accompany us on our birthday date to 54th Street for lunch.
These kiddos were all in one place at dinner that night, so I snapped a picture with my phone. Don't know where the Birthday Boy was, though! (It's all probably lost on the computer).

 In March, Jared made the coolest thing EVER for my birthday. He had to stay up quite late to do it (I was asleep)...unfortunately, this caused some brain malfunctioning and he added on a year to my age, haha!

And, as you can guess, he spoiled me like crazy. As you also guess, there was another birth right after this. More on that later!

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