Friday, February 27, 2009

One Year Older and Wiser, Too

Happy Birthday to Jared on the 26th! We had crepes for breakfast (a first in this household, and not the last...)

When Jared finally got home from a long day at school (where no one knew it was his birthday, by the way), we had birthday pie-- it's common on the Laney side to request a pie instead of a cake. Cherry streusel pie.Neither of us can believe how old he is.

Isaac helped sing "Happy Birthday"...

...then promptly buried the candles in the pie while we were getting plates, ice cream and utensils. Here lies a thirty-one.Jared looks like he's practicing some newly-acquired NP skills.

And now for something completely different:

We got this beautiful quilt in Jared's birthday package from Mama Laney in CA. It goes with a Noah's Friends pillow/book she made for Noah around Christmastime. Check out the corner animals-- they have moving tails! It has all different textures and pieces...we love it and I can't stop raving about it.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Letting Grow

I know my experience is not unique; all parents have some sense of the fleeting time they have with their children.

Isaac is all grown up to me: about three weeks ago he declined sleeping with his "froggies" and has never gone back. He doesn't even suck his thumb much anymore. I've finally accepted that maybe he doesn't need a nap anymore, either (even if I do). And tonight he did something I never thought would happen: he ate salad with me. I watched in awe as the first leaf of lettuce ever to stay in his mouth was chewed and swallowed. He ate it all! Maybe there's hope for Jared? Nah.

As for Noah, his dropped nap and dropped milk feeding have given me a feeling that babyhood will soon be over. After all, he is one (and boy, can he be a picky eater!).

I confess I do have some comforts despite all of this. Today and yesterday, being the windiest days we've experienced here yet, we went outside for "adventures"-- Isaac still wears and loves his cape. Especially when it blows in the wind. I think he gives hope to all who see him ("Excuse me, is that a superhero?")...what a guy! And Noah is still walking and talking the baby way. It's not what I want for eternity, but I still want to enjoy it. You know?