Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Discovering History

Fort McHenry It was beautiful and sunny, but also windy and frigid!
We were educated and intrigued by what we learned here. Did you know Fort McHenry was still used by the military until 1912? Lotta history there.

"O say can you see..."

It was Noah's first day in a forward-facing carseat.
Two days later...
On the way to D.C. (and Noah still loves facing forward!)
After an exasperating time finding our way there (never forget your ID if you want to park with the Navy), we finally made it to Washington!
So happy to be there: Jared and Isaac in front of the National Air and Space Museum

At first, it was hard for Isaac to focus on any one thing and enjoy it.
Sensory overload.
We realized quickly that he needed to be reined in to have the best experience.And he did have a great time.
Noah did, too.

So did Jared.

The best part was the Discovery Room.
We learned about weightlessness, aerodynamics, the power of air pressure, and all kinds of other good stuff.

It was so cool for Isaac to be in control of a real plane!
Noah was so impressed by it that he decided he wanted a turn. Up he went!
I'm jealous of all the Asian people who got better pictures of my kids than I did here. But I can't blame them for taking them. Even if they did so unabashedly.

Noah had fun.

( The National Gallery of Art)
Sorry, we never got out the camera in the Natural History Museum! But that was awesome, too.

Jared's first time in his nation's capital

Can you believe this place was packed with millions of people just a week ago?

Friday, January 23, 2009


It would inaccurate to describe our lives as boring these days. With two new jobs and all the switching entailed in childcare, office time, household duties, field time, teaching, etc., our boys have had a wild ride. We really haven't been sitting by the window, watching for snow. Along with all the juggling we do, there are many other things that keep us busy...like wrestling with the Daddy...
("Hi, Mom!")
Noah has recently changed his mind about baths: he absolutely HATES them now, no matter what we do. And there's a grudge toward whoever gave it to him for at least 10 minutes after the fact. Incidentally, Isaac has become a shower lover ("it's RAINING!"). This time Noah refused to be comforted.
So we read I Feel Angry. That helped.

Reading is another thing we do a lot of.
We were just making fun of this sillly place because many schools were closed last Friday for an amount of snow so small it was mostly gone by the time we went outside. But then we had a little "real" snow, so we had to go out and enjoy it.

Days later, the snow is mostly gone again. But it was fun while it lasted. It really is abominable to have such low temperatures (SEVEN?!) without snow. We miss Utah.