Friday, January 23, 2009


It would inaccurate to describe our lives as boring these days. With two new jobs and all the switching entailed in childcare, office time, household duties, field time, teaching, etc., our boys have had a wild ride. We really haven't been sitting by the window, watching for snow. Along with all the juggling we do, there are many other things that keep us wrestling with the Daddy...
("Hi, Mom!")
Noah has recently changed his mind about baths: he absolutely HATES them now, no matter what we do. And there's a grudge toward whoever gave it to him for at least 10 minutes after the fact. Incidentally, Isaac has become a shower lover ("it's RAINING!"). This time Noah refused to be comforted.
So we read I Feel Angry. That helped.

Reading is another thing we do a lot of.
We were just making fun of this sillly place because many schools were closed last Friday for an amount of snow so small it was mostly gone by the time we went outside. But then we had a little "real" snow, so we had to go out and enjoy it.

Days later, the snow is mostly gone again. But it was fun while it lasted. It really is abominable to have such low temperatures (SEVEN?!) without snow. We miss Utah.


Carina said...

I'm not sure why I've never noticed before, but those snow pictures really brought out the resemblance between Isaac and Noah. It looks like they're just loving being brothers. Adorable pictures!

Trace Gibson said...

Oh my gosh, this reminds me of the time I took some pics of you guys in the snow back in Utah...Noah was a tiny new baby!