Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh, the Messes We Make and the Things We Create!

Above we have a prime example of what goes on regularly at our house. It's very serious. Here are some more examples:
That's my girl, showing off her preschool creations and hilarious expressions!

Before and after...Ellie's room took so long to finish we never got an "after" picture! Room cleaning is always a source of frustration for everyone involved.

Noah and his tangrams in homeschool one day.

Sometimes you've got to take advantage of September rain...and wrestle on the trampoline!

Yes, this ridiculous tower was built just days after that "clean room" pic.
More dress-up/fight-type play

Even moms can make messes and be creative. These snickerdoodles and the accompanying key revealed that BABY #4 was a girl! Nice Halloween surprise for us all.
-From October & November 2014.

Friday, November 6, 2015

More adventures with Bob & Tiffany

Noah, Malachi, Isaac--cousins!

While the Bob Laney family was here, we had some good times. We even hiked to the dinosaur tracks at Government Canyon.
There were some hilarious times in the back yard, just hanging out and being super silly.
We went to get the giantest pizza you ever saw at Big Lou's. We thought we could take it, but clearly we were mistaken. Even the leftovers' boxes had to be folded to fit into our fridge.

One of the last things we did was get a giant cinnamon roll. Not the best breakfast place, but the size was, again, impressive.