Thursday, August 27, 2015

Miracles Do Happen

Late on May 31, 2014 we were all leaving a party at a friend's house. The night was dark. The windows of the car were all open so that the gas that had recently been spilled would evaporate faster and not endanger our lungs as much. Everyone seemed to be ready to go...but Noah had not closed his door nor had he buckled his seat belt. As the car moved forward, Noah (6) fell out of the car. What happened next can only be described as a miracle. 

Trying alert Jared that we weren't ready, the sickening bump from under the back wheel caused me to only scream: "You've just run over our SON!" We could hear him crying, a good sign that he was alive...but how bad was he hurt? As we got out to survey the situation in the dark, it appeared that, fortunately, only one of Noah's legs was affected by the SUV's tire. We secured him in the car and, all of us somewhat traumatized, drove home anxiously awaiting the further damage we might discover in the light there. To our utter dismay, all we could find was some road rash. 

No profuse bleeding. No broken bones. No torn ligaments. No damaged tendons. The tire had rolled over the only part of his body possible to do no serious damage whatsoever. Even a little higher or lower on the leg would have caused significant problems do his knee or ankle.

David O. McKay said that if we invite Christ into our homes, "we may know that the angels will be not only willing but eager to protect our boys and girls." I believe angels were protecting Noah. So does he. For over a year he has borne testimony of this.
I learned the following day that my mother had started fasting the evening of the accident. Noah had been struggling with other issues and she and her household had thought to fast for him, not knowing that the blessings began coming right away. We are so very grateful to our loving Heavenly Father.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Characters at Our House

Sometimes you just need to decorate a box and fly it out on the trampoline, dog-fighting style. Of course, if you and your brother are together, then there will be wrestling, eventually. And matching, backwards, inside-out shirts.

And Ellie's anything but boring, too. In May '14 she was captured on camera, perfecting her many amazing looks.

2014 Tri

On May 24, 2014 I completed our neighborhood's version of a triathlon. It was SO fun. Jared snapped some pictures of me during the bike loop (he had missed the running start because I left him with three kids early in the morning!), after biking when my legs felt like jelly, and the last leg: swimming (where you are so tired from running and biking that you're just trying not to drown, but you really want to pass someone...and then when you do, you find out that it was the blind girl). It was totally worth the feeling at the end!