Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Proud Moment (not about my kids)

I made bread.

I know many of you make bread on a semi-regular basis. I know others of you have made bread before. But I had not. Ever. No, wait...let me think a, I have never made bread.

Until today.

I've always admired people who make their own bread. I also envy them because homemade is always better.

I happen to be married into a family of great bread-makers, so I am in possession of a much-beloved, tried-and-true bread recipe. Making bread has been something I've pondered for a while now; I'm not going to lie.

But I never thought it would really happen.

You might have guessed this was coming if you knew that I bought yeast a few weeks ago. Not a first, but this time it didn't expire and get thrown out.

What brought me to do the deed was this: the Costco bread I was going to buy was all expiring on April 7. Since they come in packs of 2 loaves, that's not really doable around here, especially since I think I tasted a hint of mold the other day with our current loaf....pllluuuoouuh.

So, during General Conference, with some help from Jared and Isaac when the dough got tough, I made bread. It's so good. It feels so good.

Jared is so proud (and happy)!

I also put together two bookcases during Conference. What did you do while you listened? Ahh, I love the internet. I love Conference. I love bread.