Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Proud Moment (not about my kids)

I made bread.

I know many of you make bread on a semi-regular basis. I know others of you have made bread before. But I had not. Ever. No, wait...let me think a, I have never made bread.

Until today.

I've always admired people who make their own bread. I also envy them because homemade is always better.

I happen to be married into a family of great bread-makers, so I am in possession of a much-beloved, tried-and-true bread recipe. Making bread has been something I've pondered for a while now; I'm not going to lie.

But I never thought it would really happen.

You might have guessed this was coming if you knew that I bought yeast a few weeks ago. Not a first, but this time it didn't expire and get thrown out.

What brought me to do the deed was this: the Costco bread I was going to buy was all expiring on April 7. Since they come in packs of 2 loaves, that's not really doable around here, especially since I think I tasted a hint of mold the other day with our current loaf....pllluuuoouuh.

So, during General Conference, with some help from Jared and Isaac when the dough got tough, I made bread. It's so good. It feels so good.

Jared is so proud (and happy)!

I also put together two bookcases during Conference. What did you do while you listened? Ahh, I love the internet. I love Conference. I love bread.


Laurel said...

Wow. I am impressed! I couldn't make bread to save my life. True story.

Angie Wycherly said...

Good Job! It looks so yummie. You'll have to post the recipe. I'm impressed that Jared wears a suit on Conference weekend.

Trace Gibson said...

We were putting baby stuff together and doing last-minute cleaning/nesting during conference. I love it too. It's like getting together and listening to old friends. Friends who are ridiculously insightful and knowledgeable and spiritual. I love Eyring. I love Uchtdorf almost as much. They're all so fantastic.

Trace Gibson said...

Oh, and I want that recipe. ha ha, like I'll be making bread after giving birth. But I know YOU would. Sheesh, it's impossible to live up to your standards Laurel.

summershine said...

I cleaned the kitchen and tidied the living room while listening to conference, then made some blonde white chip brownies.

Your bread looks delicious!

Carina said...

Mmmm...hey, I have a suggestion: you should share your recipe =) I want to start making bread, too! Though I'm taking the easy way out and asking for a breadmaker for my birthday. We'll see if Cody remembers.

Good job! You got so much done. Our house was full because my parents came to visit (so my sisters and brother-in-law came over, too), so there wasn't much room to anything besides just sit there and laugh at Joshua while watching Conference. Good times.

Wendy said...

I'm so proud. I slept during Conference all day Saturday. Seriously, I slept like five hours during the day. It was amazing. Probably the best Conference ever. Wait, no. But the bread, the bread is impressive.

gurrbonzo said...


Seriously. I read your post and thought I MUST TRY. THE TIME IS NOW. And I succeeded. And it was wonderful. Thanks, friend!

Bob And Tiffany said...

Yea for bread! It does look good...especially when I think of putting cheese on it...but then again I think of putting cheese on everything!

Darren Johnson Family said...

I have to say that this is VERY shocking to me. I always thought of you as such a domestic person that has tried everything and done everything perfectly. I can't say that I believed you when you said you had NEVER made bread. The things you learn from blogs... Congratulations on your first loaf of bread! I bet it was delicious.

Laura said...

So now are you going to come and coach me on how to make bread. I don't know why but the thought of making it is a very scarey one for me!