Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Version of March Madness

Okay, this isn't about basketball (sorry). And it isn't really "madness" unless you count my frequent moments of insanity. But it's kind of a hodgepodge of what life has looked like the past couple of weeks. Noah seems to have three usual looks. Above is his content, yet solemn face. Below is his "I'm gonna cry pretty soon" look. See, Carina? Our boys have something they do well in common already!
The third--my favorite--is an abundance of smiles he gives quite freely except when there's a scary-looking camera around. You have to be sneaky if you want to catch it on film.
Ignore my look here. Isaac still loves Noah. He's an awesome big brother, and getting better.Of course, he also likes to do most everything the baby does. "This is my rattle." "I need to be on that blanket." Etc!
Another hand-me-down from Mom. So cute, but too scratchy on the inside for a baby, I decided.

This is kind of a funny picture, but take a look at those eyes! This is right before we ran the Rex Lee race. Isaac was excited. This time he didn't scream the whole way (I think he thought he was going to actually run last year, so we made it quite clear this year).
All settled in his stroller. Noah's in the back, lying down. I love Phil & Ted's!Jared's cousin, Russell was the only person we knew this year. No, Isaac isn't checking out the contents of his nose; he's showing us the sign for "L." We have discovered that he recognizes the signs for letters better than if he sees them printed. He still knows most of his letters, but it's just way better in sign language for some reason. On my birthday we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. The baby animals are appearing and it's really fun for kids to see.
Petting the little calf
Meeting the Texas Longhorn
Looking for baby bunnies around a defensive mama.
In jail with Grandma
"Help! Let me out!"
Dancing with GrandmaChecking out Jacob's Sheep
Riding pony...
and donkey.
We had a great time.

So, even though it's not basketball, it's still fun and there is hope for spring (that's the bottom line). Yesss!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


If you don't like cheese or corn, you should probably skip this post. I just wanted to write 26 beautiful things about my life:
1- hanging out with my husband (forever!)
2-Isaac's hilarious imagination
3-Noah's baby smiles
4-my parents' love, particularly my mother's sympathy and my father's appreciation
5-friendship and love and support from all of my brothers and sisters/ their families
6-the Gospel of Jesus Christ
8-Jared's family (including extended)-- they are all wonderful!
10-a job to fall back on
11-the opportunity to NOT work a lot
12-sleep, precious sleep
13-Noelle's mission and its effects on my family
14-being able to read and write (the gift of literacy!)
16-a jogging stroller which allows me to run!
17-the Savior's example
19-dear friends
20-my Back to Basics toaster and its ability to make my favorite eggs on toast perfectly!
21-Priesthood blessings from my husband
22-a good park to play at, despite the stresses of life
23-hope for change, and I don't mean Obama-style
25-flan, cheesecakes and other favorite desserts
26-those quiet times when both of my sons are sleeping

That being said, I don't think birthdays should be about the person whose odometer is turning over; it should be about their mother. She's the one who lost insane amounts of sleep (and brain cells) to raise you. We won't even go where the pregancy, labor and delivery take us... Thanks, Mom! I survived another year and you're partly responsible!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Fun-Filled Weekend

I know it's been a while, but I thought I should post some of the pictures taken of the weekend of Noah's blessing. Mama Laney is quite the photographer (good thing, because I'm not), so here they are:
Noah finally met his Laney Grandparents.

I love this shot of Noah looking up at this grandpa.

Isaac made himself at home, as usual.

Like any good grandma who's just met her new grandbaby, Dorothy took a picture of Noah whenever she got a chance...even if it happened to be a weird view of the baby's mom!

Saturday morning we went to The Quarry for some good old rock climbing, sort of a late way to celebrate Jared's birthday since he worked on the actual date. If you're a real climber, please don't look too closely! We had a good time, though.

That afternoon was full of lots of errands for us, so the boys spent a lot of time with their grandparents and Uncles Mike and Steve.

Isaac loved his new maracas from Grandma.

Noah, not yet 2 months old, already looking chunky!

This was how Isaac got his nap. It was all over when I tried to move him to the couch so he'd be more comfortable. D'oh!

Jared got some birthday presents and cards and Isaac helped him with most of it...

especially the 'blue pony'!

Sunday night was our last night to just hang out

Isaac relished every moment with Uncle Mike.

Mike got his hair cut.

And Isaac helped!

Those guys loved being here so much, they even sneakily left some shoes so they'd have to come back and say "goodbye" again! It was a good visit, even though it was short.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blessing Day

Noah was blessed on Sunday, March 2, 2008. It was so nice to have so much family come! For those of you who may have missed this "blessed" occasion, here are some of the random shots that were taken:

It's always fun to have an excuse to get together with the cousins.

Rachel and little Benny...and the food (a main item of any shin-dig) in the background.

Joel's getting married this summer!

Isaac and Tanner always have a ball together.

No one can make them conform when they have each other.

Even the favorite Uncle Mike has his hands full!

Jared looks lost. You're in the right place, Jare. Just stay where you are.

Noah's cute little outfit had to be changed due to m. b. (massive blow-out) before the cameras came out, I'm afraid.

Four generations.


I can't believe we caught what looks like a little smile here. It was just after the blessing weekend that Noah truly began to smile socially. Very sweet stuff! He's always been quite content; just very serious about it.

Dorothy's family is so fun. We love 'em!