Friday, March 14, 2008

Our Fun-Filled Weekend

I know it's been a while, but I thought I should post some of the pictures taken of the weekend of Noah's blessing. Mama Laney is quite the photographer (good thing, because I'm not), so here they are:
Noah finally met his Laney Grandparents.

I love this shot of Noah looking up at this grandpa.

Isaac made himself at home, as usual.

Like any good grandma who's just met her new grandbaby, Dorothy took a picture of Noah whenever she got a chance...even if it happened to be a weird view of the baby's mom!

Saturday morning we went to The Quarry for some good old rock climbing, sort of a late way to celebrate Jared's birthday since he worked on the actual date. If you're a real climber, please don't look too closely! We had a good time, though.

That afternoon was full of lots of errands for us, so the boys spent a lot of time with their grandparents and Uncles Mike and Steve.

Isaac loved his new maracas from Grandma.

Noah, not yet 2 months old, already looking chunky!

This was how Isaac got his nap. It was all over when I tried to move him to the couch so he'd be more comfortable. D'oh!

Jared got some birthday presents and cards and Isaac helped him with most of it...

especially the 'blue pony'!

Sunday night was our last night to just hang out

Isaac relished every moment with Uncle Mike.

Mike got his hair cut.

And Isaac helped!

Those guys loved being here so much, they even sneakily left some shoes so they'd have to come back and say "goodbye" again! It was a good visit, even though it was short.


John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

I LOVE that Issac sucks his thumb! That is the cutest thing ever. This next kid has to suck her thumb, she just doesn't have a choice, lol.

Noah is getting so big already, I can't believe he had his blessing. We really wish we could have been there. WE MISS YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH!!!

Trace Gibson said...

Oh my gosh, little Noah is getting so big and is even cuter! And I'm afraid I'm extremely jealous of Isaac's love for his Uncle Mike. Don't forget your Aunt Trace little dude!