Thursday, March 6, 2008

Super Aunt!

This is way after the fact, but it must be acknowledged. First, she allowed us to have a Valentine's dinner date by staying with our boys. Then the next day, Bobbie had Isaac come with her (and Ashton and my Mom) to Jim's Play Land where they all had a BLAST, or so I heard.

Of course, none of the pictures are of her (she had the camera), but thank you, Bobbie! You're an awesome aunt and sister. To fully appreciate what this means to us, you should know that Jared had the flu and I had something only slightly less miserable at the time. We just spent the day sleeping in peace, knowing that Isaac was having a great day.

Did I mention that she took Isaac home to her house after all that fun so he could take a nap while she made a delicious dinner for us when we came to pick him up? Yup. This is what I found when I got to her house: a very sweet sight, no?
I should also mention that my mom has been a wonderful help, too. She even comes every Wednesday morning so I can sleep in. Thanks, Mom!

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Trace Gibson said...

Now we're all very happy and excited for Bobbie and Mom's "niceness," but how's this supposed to make OTHER aunts feel? I wish we lived closer to help out more... As IF you'd EVER ask for help, Ms. Independent. I'm glad you're all getting better though. Guess we'll just have to steal Isaac away to Disneyland to out-do Bobbie now! Miss you guys! P.S. where are the pics from the baby blessing and potluck? Come on sicky! chop chop! Oh yeah, and as for acknowledging Bobbie's niceness...when she decides to "help out" there's no end in sight for her; that girl is out of control and I love her. And Mom...well, who doesn't love that crazy heart-of-gold woman?