Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Version of March Madness

Okay, this isn't about basketball (sorry). And it isn't really "madness" unless you count my frequent moments of insanity. But it's kind of a hodgepodge of what life has looked like the past couple of weeks. Noah seems to have three usual looks. Above is his content, yet solemn face. Below is his "I'm gonna cry pretty soon" look. See, Carina? Our boys have something they do well in common already!
The third--my favorite--is an abundance of smiles he gives quite freely except when there's a scary-looking camera around. You have to be sneaky if you want to catch it on film.
Ignore my look here. Isaac still loves Noah. He's an awesome big brother, and getting better.Of course, he also likes to do most everything the baby does. "This is my rattle." "I need to be on that blanket." Etc!
Another hand-me-down from Mom. So cute, but too scratchy on the inside for a baby, I decided.

This is kind of a funny picture, but take a look at those eyes! This is right before we ran the Rex Lee race. Isaac was excited. This time he didn't scream the whole way (I think he thought he was going to actually run last year, so we made it quite clear this year).
All settled in his stroller. Noah's in the back, lying down. I love Phil & Ted's!Jared's cousin, Russell was the only person we knew this year. No, Isaac isn't checking out the contents of his nose; he's showing us the sign for "L." We have discovered that he recognizes the signs for letters better than if he sees them printed. He still knows most of his letters, but it's just way better in sign language for some reason. On my birthday we went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point. The baby animals are appearing and it's really fun for kids to see.
Petting the little calf
Meeting the Texas Longhorn
Looking for baby bunnies around a defensive mama.
In jail with Grandma
"Help! Let me out!"
Dancing with GrandmaChecking out Jacob's Sheep
Riding pony...
and donkey.
We had a great time.

So, even though it's not basketball, it's still fun and there is hope for spring (that's the bottom line). Yesss!


Carina said...

SO cute! Noah is getting so big already. You're right, he seems to have that "I'm gonna cry" face perfected, just like Joshua! I have to admit, it's a really cute look sometimes. Joshua's got the pout face down pat, and I really hope he doesn't use it to his advantage in the coming years, because it makes both me and Cody simply melt!

Laura said...

Your boys are so cute and smart-but most importantly I am amazed that you ran the Rex E Lee run just a few months after giving birth. You seriously should try out for a superhero position-I still haven't attempted to go on a jog and it has been 1 year!

Janel said...

Noah is so cute! Isaac is too.

AND-- You look way too good in those jogging pants for just having a baby! Wow Laurel! I am so impressed.

Trace Gibson said...

Yeah! Now THIS is what I'm talking about! So many great pictures and faces and situations... Funny how much Noah is looking like Isaac, don't you think? Such a darling baby (yum, yum, I want a new one so bad!). I'm glad your March Madness has been so much fun (and the best part is, it's been FREE of basketball heh, heh) We can't wait to see you guys in April!

Trace Gibson said...

Hey, it seems to me that his "I'm going to cry" face is the same face Jared poses with for pictures...am I right? ha ha

Sarah said...

wow, your mom is so adorable. Say hi to her for me! :D