Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Letting Go

Last night my wonderful sister, Bobbie, spent the night at my house so I could get up early and go skiing (with my wonderful Mom!). It was perfect. We were there early enough to be the first (well, second) ones in line. I stepped into the bindings on my newly-waxed and tuned skis and...my bindings both broke in half! Weird.

So then we drove across the parking lot to see if they could be fixed. Then I trashed the parts of the bindings that fell off, stuck my skis in the rental shop and paid for some rentals. Sheesh!

Well, it was still perfect. Nobody there, we had the place to ourselves! I haven't been in over a year and my attendance in the ski-bum arena has been steadily declining since my first year of college. But it was like old times again, except now my mom is AMAZING.

I think she has a death wish. She goes screaming down the mountain, and having gone 70 times this year (no lie), I'm sure she has begun to change the way the trees stand.

Anyway, we had a blast.

Why are there no pictures for this post? I'll tell you. I took some pictures with my phone because I forgot the camera. But guess what? I dropped my phone.

I wish that were an April Fools joke. No. I dropped my phone.

We spent at least an hour looking for it in the powder under the ski lift, but it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

It took a lot out of me to finally let go. Like all things in life except relationships and true principles, that phone was not going to last forever. There comes a time when stuff dies (well, except styrofoam, but who wants to hold on to a piece of styrofoam?).

Just thinking of all the missed calls I'm going to have on that poor phone, lost in the snow up there all alone...maybe I should have a funeral just to get over it.

This was the last picture I sent myself from that phone: Noah's smile. And there were so many other great ones!

If I would have known I'd lose it so tragically, maybe I would have named it...Phannie. Goodbye forever, Phannie!


Bob And Tiffany said...

Poor Phannie..you should have a 21 ringtone salute to mark her passing! A tear just fell onto my shirt...no wait that was a piece fo cheese. Oh well.

Sara said...

LOL good bye dear Phannie. You were loved...but can be easily replaced. ;)

Didn't know you were a ski bum :) I've never been in my life. I know its bad. Your mom is a stud man!

Trace Gibson said...

I love this post; very entertaining. I'm so glad you got to go skiing! I hope you used the pass I wasted. Sorry about your phone though...that's seriously annoying (I think I've made a few enemies every time I lose a phone and lose a million numbers). Cute picture of Noah!

Laura said...

A lost phone can pretty much be compared to a lost limb...I lost mine once and I couldn't believe how alone I felt. I no longer knew any phone numbers because I relied too much on that little piece of technology-sorry about all the pictures you lost though, that is way worse than anyones phone number!

John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

Phannie will be missed. Man it hurts to loose a good cell phone.