Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Happy People Have Froggies"

This title is one of Isaac's great quotes. I am so glad I started family quote book, but nobody ever sees its contents, so I thought I would share some of my favorites accompanied by pictures of the superhero who I frequently claim as my son.

He loves pretending. Thanks, Bob & Tiffany for the AWESOME superhero kit! He also loves his Incredibles pj's and says several times a day "I'm Dash," often correcting us when we call him "Isaac" or "honey."

After checking out some Arnold Lobel books at the library, he started saying, "I'm frog. You're toad. We're friends."

Admiring one of Jared's old action figures, he has said, "He-Man's mad. Is he wearing a diaper?"

Last month he said, "I married in the temple!" When I asked who he married, there was a tiny pause and then: "You!"

I have also heard him playing under the desk while I'm on the computer. He goes to "the store" and then: "jiggity jig. I'm home!" I think pretending is such a fun part of childhood.

Isaac also has a great sense of humor, as most everyone knows. After getting a wayward hashbrown or noodle into his mouth, he congratulates himself, "Way to suck it in!"

Right after my birthday we had a lot of leftover cake, so we covered it to avoid having Isaac get upset each time he saw it and couldn't eat some. Eventually he figured out its hiding place (under a bowl), and he would often climb up to the counter, lift up the bowl and say, "Hello cake, how are you?"

The best example, though, is when he answered a random question of mine with this: "No, don't talk, you don't have a mouth!"

I think he also thinks it's funny to say, "Um, what did I say?" a lot. We're not sure why.

Another time he cracked us up was when he had a sucker in the car and then suddenly I didn't see it. After many repetitions of "where is your candy?" he took his sweet time to say, "Oh, maybe I dropped it..." in a causal air.

He has also been heard to say, "I need to get a life!" and the other night when he was opposed to blessing the food, he interrupted Jared's prayer with "No! It's messing up my life!"

Perhaps we should just stop there. We hope you have enjoyed the latest Quotes by Isaac. Join us next time!


cheyney webb said...

What fabulous quotes. It is so great you are writing them down. He is getting so big and handsome. He sure keeps you on your toes.

Bob And Tiffany said...

I think "way to suck it in!" is my favorite. I'll have to borrow it next time I eat noodles or hashbrowns. Isaac is one cool kid. I wish we were closer to y'all!

Trace Gibson said...

I love when you post quotes by Isaac! My little nephew is the funniest, smartest kid in the world! Keep them coming you crazy kid. We can't wait to see you (maybe we'll steal you away!)

John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

I love it! I wish our boys were closer, they would have so much fun playing together. I love the little things they say. I have a quote list too, but I think I would get in trouble if I shared it, lol.

gurrbonzo said...


Jiggity jig, this kid is an all-star.

mommaskibum said...

Hey, I finally figured out how to comment, so I'm a little late. I absolutely love your cute quotes from Isaac and that family picture at the new house is priceless!! Love, Mom