Friday, October 10, 2014

Five Going on Six (Noah)

 This little guy is amazing. He makes anyone laugh, even if they're feeling super grumpy.
 He can do impressions of people that are extremely accurate. From movie actors to kids in his Kindergarten class.
 He has a gift for climbing up walls (no, really: literally!).
 He is coordinated and strong and great at climbing the ropes at gymnastics.

 He is also about as stubborn as they come.
 This can be a great thing, though.
His voice and words have been compared to those of Larry the Cucumber.

 He will correct you if your movie quote isn't quite 100% accurate.
 This includes voice inflections.
 He might not talk to you if he doesn't know you.
 He might talk your ear off if he has something that must be said.

  He will get you back 10-fold if you hurt him, even accidentally. Beware.

 He may also spit.

 I can't believe this little guy is getting so BIG! Happy Birthday, Noah-baboah!