Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sneak Peek

So yesterday we had some long-awaited family pictures taken. Katie Ash, a friend from our old ward in the city did the honors & sent us these as a sneak peek. Isaac had to use both her names the whole time, as in "Hey, Katie Ash--look over here!". Never, Katie, Miss Ash, or even Sister Ash, it was "Katie Ash" every time. As you can see, she does wonderful work!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Are You Feeling It?

I'm feeling it. Summer's ending. If I were a student, I think it would affect me more. But I always wonder if I spent this season well. Here are some of our latest adventures. A major event for us was seeing (briefly) the Wagstaffs. They're some of our favorite people. Here they are at Gettysburg (more pictures later in this post).

The after-church cuteness I missed while at work yesterday.

Don't ask me what Isaac's doing on the counter.

Last weekend we took advantage of the free paddle boat pass that Jared won in May.
I haven't shown a lot of the house yet, but here's a favored spot. We call it the play closet, complete with toys, puzzles, books, animals and dress-up options. The best part is shutting the door, whether it's messy or clean, empty or occupied. Space is nice.

The swimming hole, not far from where we live, is a great place for picnics and, of course, cooling off.

Isaac did a lot of running and splashing (and begging to go in the deep end so he could jump off the rocks with the big kids--dream on, little guy); Noah did a lot of watching and smiling and even walked in the water some.
Isaac hanging out with his Dad.

We're really close to New Freedom, PA where there's this great little railroad museum right on the NCR trail.

We went blueberry picking twice. I love "pick your own" farms! We made blueberry muffins, pancakes, syrup, cobbler and had blueberries in nearly every meal somehow.

Isaac bonded with Trevoroni over a cannon at Gettysburg. We saw them again in Washington, D.C.

Trevor nearly got himself into trouble at the white house; it's a good thing we all convinced him to wait until we found a restroom. How we shall miss these Wagstaffers! What they don't know is that, after this picture was snapped and we went our separate ways, we saw them again as they got on the subway from the opposite side. We made perfect fools of ourselves, yelling goodbyes and waving at people who didn't see us...but it felt good.

I really can't say enough to describe the goodness of our landlord/lady. Becky always brings us flowers/herbs/vegetables from her amazing garden, and I finally got a picture of some of it.

On a walk to the pond.

Seeing the pond and admiring the caterpillar on the reed.

Artfully edging nearer to the pond.
It always helps to have a brother to play with. I've discovered the secret to parenting!

Hanging out with the sheepies. We got to be "in charge" of the farm while the neighbors were away and it was a lot of fun. The boys spent every chance they got on the tractors in the [immaculate!] barn.

On one of the trails around our house. Luckily, our double stroller has been fixed (somebody slashed the tires!)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hi, Turtle.

It's a couple of weeks old, but this is just an example of how wild a life we live.