Friday, May 11, 2012

Mumsy and May

Who doesn't love a visit from Grandma?
Isaac came home from school to greet his Grandma Toni on the first day of May.

They have a special bond.
Isaac was jealous that we went to the zoo without him. We liked it so well that we bought a family pass, so he'll get there soon enough.

 Some of our favorite things were the happy hippos.
 We were amazed at how still these whooping cranes were, even when we got so close. Then we discovered that they were statues! But since all the animals were out and close that day for us, it seemed logical at first. It really is a well-designed zoo.

When we went to the Riverwalk, we got to find out which restaurant not to go to. We waited and waited and waited for really bad service and really expensive cafeteria-quality food. Bleh!

 But the kids were good and the Riverwalk was pretty.

 We knew Mom had to see the Wild West at Enchanted Springs Ranch before she left.
 Woodrow, the longhorn is a favorite.

 So is the pretend double-seater outhouse (you know our kids)!

 And, of course, horses! 

Mourning a relative.
Relative reaches out.
Happy days are here again!
The boys were selected to play the drums for Doc Dakota's rain dance. Mom was the dancer! I can't get my iPod to give up the video for the blog, though. It's long, but awesome. We enjoyed Doc Dakota even more the the gun twirler.

Ellie is TWO now!
The first present she opened was a dress and she had to put it right on. The boys have been stealing her ice cream squirt gun.
It was fun to see her graciously and happily open all of her presents.

She got a bunch of clothes at once from Grandma Laney and exclaimed, "clothes!" which tickled everyone to hear. Who new we'd have such a girly girl?

She went right outside to play with some of her new goods. Then we had to get ready for church.
That evening, this two-year-old could not wait to have some of her carrot cake. I swear I have pictures that are identical to hers at this age!

And the cake was enjoyed by all.
We love this little girl!