Thursday, March 21, 2013

October-November 2012

In the fall we had some pretty exciting events, some of which were only minimally photographed.

Our garden actually produced! We had a few carrots and eggplants, among other things. It was not much, but for me, to have anything at all is a big deal.

Isaac's 7th Birthday

 Here he is opening a giant box which actually had many more boxes inside until finally, it was an envelop full of letters he had to unscramble: BICYCLE. He chose his new bike the following day.

Grandma Toni's Visit
 I sneaked up on her to get this one. Sadly, it was the day she left. But we had a wonderful week with her!
 This her "trying to understand a grandchild's story" face. I love my mom.

 Everyone has a good time when Grandma's around.

 It's hard to get three crazy kids to take a decent picture together, but we tried. We went out to Las Palapas for lunch on the way to the airport.
 My mom and me.

 My mom and my daughter.

Family Pictures
In case you didn't get a Christmas card or you're not on Facebook...