Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Laney Visit

Forgive my tardiness...there were too many events in too little time to put it all into one post. Jared's parents came to visit a couple of weeks ago and we didn't take nearly enough pictures...but here are some highlights. It was nice to just hang out and relax while they were here. Isaac and Noah enjoyed all the extra attention. Here they're deep in thought, listening to a story from Grandma Laney.
We went to Jump On It! along with some preschool friends, which was enjoyed immensely.

It was impossible to catch them for a good picture.

Noah cooperated once (the camera didn't).

This only came with intense persuasion. They were never this still again.

Jared even got to meet up with us once at Fort McHenry.

Isaac's worried the gate locker is going to lock us out. We stayed right up until closing.

I don't know what I would've done without Mama Laney on Halloween. She baked the pies for the Trunk or Treat, crafted a sword for Noah, metallicized Isaac's boots and performed other miscellaneous tasks of magic. Incidentally, she's definately a good person to have around when coming up with clues for a treasure hunt. Our personal favorite: "In the bathroom there's sometimes a stench, but you won't find that in the piano bench!"

That's one happy knight. Thank you, Bobbie and Ashton for the costume!

Grandpa was dressed up like a banker.

Sir Isaac and Firefighter Timmy

A frog prince with a dragon in his lap?

A knight and his dragon

Of course knights don't hug dragons, but have you ever seen such shiney boots?

That weekend Jared's brothers flew in to join the fun. Isaac and Noah were all the more pleased.
They posed

And played

And hiked

And of course eventually gave hugs goodbye.

They missed all the visitors right away. Noah could be seen at the window for days at odd times saying "Uncle went outside? Uncle! Uncle?" It was surely fun to have them. Now I'm back to being their only playmate again. And it was such a nice break, I daresay I'm actually ready and willing.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Hey, Mom, I'm Four!"

So...Isaac's four. He tells me every day now. We celebrated several times.

While Jared's family was in town there was an early celebration (mmm, chocolate lava cake...with...tea candles on top....).

Here he is with his very most favorite gift EVER: a double barrel shotgun. It has kept him occupied about 98% of his waking hours since he got it.

We had a fun and busy day on his birthday, which ended with his first bowling experience. If it looks like the ball is just sitting there, well...that's about what it felt like to watch it wander down the lane.
It was a late night, but we couldn't skip the cake.

Then we hosted a party at preschool the next day with some friends. Silly hats weren't the only activity, but that's when I remembered the camera. He was so glad to have friends to party with!

I can't even believe how much he's grown, and not just his little body.

2 days old

1 year old

2 years old

3 years old

My big 4-year-old

I've never met such a sweet, happy, helpful boy. He surprises me every day by the things he seems to understand, the ways he's able to help and the patience he shows with Noah.