Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blue Bonnets & Spring

It's a Texas tradition to get pictures with the blue bonnets and this year we joined the fun. The Blue Bonnet is the state flower here and it grows everywhere! There's even a house in our neighborhood that has no visible grass during spring: just blue bonnets. Nice: no need to mow!
We went to a nearby park to get the kids to pose for us. You know what that means! 100 pictures and all with someone (or three) making a weird face or looking somewhere else.
This was the best we could do.

Afterward we walked over to the playground.

This is what we live for: fun times! High five!
Isaac has been practicing his lassoing skills. He's pretty excited about it.
The Easter bunny visited us...late--right before bed--because he was too frightened to come to a dirty house so we had to clean it first.

Later this month, we started getting out the hose and "watering the grass" with the help of the trampoline. I can't believe it's already hot. Nearly 100 degrees today. This activity is a winner around here.

Unfortunately, the first day, Ellie's mom was not keeping track of the time and let her play too long. Oh, and without sunscreen. Oops!