Thursday, January 22, 2015

Feb-March 2014: School Stuff, Birthdays and Basketballs

I'm still a year behind, but I'm not giving up! Here is a look at what last February and March looked like in our lives.

One-Hundredth Day of School

Noah dressed as an old man for the hundredth day of school and Isaac decorated a shirt with 100 letters on it (because he loves to read so much).

 Rodeo Field Trip

Isaac loved his 2nd grade class, and they loved him. It was so fun to experience a field trip with him for the first time! We've never been to the rodeo here in San Antonio, despite living here for  several years. It's quite a production. Two of Isaac's classmates, Kaylee and Cody, are kids of two of my good friends, Aubrey and Claudia, so we mamas rode together to the grounds and had a good time.

Bike Rodeo

February is rodeo season around here...including bike rodeos! This year the boys had a great time and did a great job! It was our first time watching them. Isaac even got 3rd place in his grade!

Jared's Birthday

This handsome fella turned another year older. He's not a cake person; he loves pie. mmm...cherry pie....

Laurel's Birthday

And then the mama had a birthday. I got my hair cut that morning, to jazz things up (see before picture, top left). Then I got spoiled by kids and husband that night! Jared's cards are always winners.


Isaac was on his first basketball team, which he enjoyed even though their team lost every game. He learned a lot and the team's color was his favorite--purple! Go, #6!

 Fire Station Field Trip

Ellie's adorable preschool group went to a local fire station and I got to come! It was the best educational experience I've ever had at a fire station and the kids loved it. 

  Making Stuff for/at School

Kindergarten is all about making stuff to take home, so Noah stars in most of these. But Valentines were quite enjoyable to prepare together, so I'm glad I snapped a shot of their diligence. They're getting so grown up.