Tuesday, March 18, 2008


If you don't like cheese or corn, you should probably skip this post. I just wanted to write 26 beautiful things about my life:
1- hanging out with my husband (forever!)
2-Isaac's hilarious imagination
3-Noah's baby smiles
4-my parents' love, particularly my mother's sympathy and my father's appreciation
5-friendship and love and support from all of my brothers and sisters/ their families
6-the Gospel of Jesus Christ
8-Jared's family (including extended)-- they are all wonderful!
10-a job to fall back on
11-the opportunity to NOT work a lot
12-sleep, precious sleep
13-Noelle's mission and its effects on my family
14-being able to read and write (the gift of literacy!)
16-a jogging stroller which allows me to run!
17-the Savior's example
19-dear friends
20-my Back to Basics toaster and its ability to make my favorite eggs on toast perfectly!
21-Priesthood blessings from my husband
22-a good park to play at, despite the stresses of life
23-hope for change, and I don't mean Obama-style
25-flan, cheesecakes and other favorite desserts
26-those quiet times when both of my sons are sleeping

That being said, I don't think birthdays should be about the person whose odometer is turning over; it should be about their mother. She's the one who lost insane amounts of sleep (and brain cells) to raise you. We won't even go where the pregancy, labor and delivery take us... Thanks, Mom! I survived another year and you're partly responsible!


Trace Gibson said...

Happy Birthday you beautiful girl! Your "card" is on my blog. You deserve a day at the spa and lots of flan and cheesecake!

Bob And Tiffany said...

Happy Birthday and stuff!

Spencer and Rachel said...

That was a great post for your birthday! Even brought me to tears for some reason - probably the whole mother thing. . . yeah. Hopefully you had a good one!

John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! John and I are stinky friends. We are sorry we hae been so bad at keeping in touch. We just want you to know that we read your blog all the time and MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH! We can't wait to meet baby Noah and we really miss Lil Dude! I hope your boys spoiled you like crazy, you deserve it.
Love of love,
the Fields