Thursday, April 7, 2016

What to DO??

I hope you've enjoyed all SIX parts of my 15 month-old recounting of our Christmas Break. After we lost all non-apple pictures older than 12 months, I was glad I was almost caught up on the blog at least that much. Then I looked at Facebook and realized there were many other pictures to choose from. But I've said my peace (piece?) and I'm ready to move on. Unfortunately, there are HUGE gaps where there should be pictures--losing precious photos of my little ones and their milestones/antics/artwork/adventures makes me want to cry. I can't even remember much without a picture to remind me.

That being said, I shall strive to play my part of Family Recorder to the best of my ability. I just want you to's sadly incomplete. But when have I ever captured as many moments on film as I'd like to have done? I'm too busy LIVING those moments! The Great Video in the Sky will tell all. Kinda scary.

To cheer you up--because I know you're as sorrowful as I am--here is a rare shot of Snow White stuck in the woods with her prince to rescue her. Noah is so great at playing along with Ellie's games!

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Noelle Maes said...

This is one of my all time favorite photos. Nice catch, La!