Thursday, January 31, 2008

Family Time

We are so lucky to have had my sister, Traci, and her family living here for as long as they did. Alas, they have left and gone to a warmer place: Arizona. Trace was kind enough to take time out for us and shoot some pictures of our family last week, and I think it's high time I shared some of them.

Off we go

Getting it together
Still getting it together

And there goes Isaac ...

Yes, we forced it, but he didn't mind.

He loves his little brother

(what a relief)!

Play Time

Tromping through the snow in our back yard

Quality family time

A rare shot of Jared looking anxious and Laurel looking happy-go-lucky. Isaac always looks like he'd rather be climbing.
So happy together...!


Carina said...

Those pictures are adorable! What a cute little family...

Mindy said...

Those are too cute. Laurel you are looking great. I have to come see you guys one of these days (I'm in Utah till the 12th)

Spencer and Rachel said...

You guys are all so photogenic! So Laurel, we should do McDonald's like every other week, what do ya think?

Laura said...

you guys look like you were doing a photo shoot for some clothing company-you are such a cute family-and I am happy to hear that Isaac is loving his little brother.

sarah said...

Hi Laurel! Mom gave me the letter you sent-- I'm glad you have a blog, it's sooo much easier to keep up with folks nowadays. :) You have an adorable family! It's kind of surreal to me that just about everybody I know is now married with children! :)