Friday, November 4, 2016

Pineview Reservoir on August 2

We went boating a couple of times while we were up Ogden Canyon. This was our first day.

The anticipation is palpable as we set up on the beach. Here is my fit sister with her cute son. 

Ellie with Grandma Toni on the beach at Pineview
The scenery is a lovely bonus. It was a gorgeous day, too. Here we are, hanging out on the beach. Dad's by the boat, Bobbie's doing yoga on the paddle board, and Noelle's taking Atticus for a dip.

Ashton on the paddle board, Natalie and Noah in kayak...just playing.
Bobbie's dog, Buddy, loves to play fetch. They have a nifty gun for shooting the tennis ball farther. He also likes to follow Ashton on the paddle board, which worries everyone because he could get tired and drown. Here, Isaac is trying to work the ball gun to distract Buddy from Ashton.

This girl. I just love her!

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