Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Great Grandparents and Cousins- Aug 6 & 7

After all kinds of Wagstaff connections at Camille's reception, we made a visit at the Laney home in Orem. Jared's grandparents have been there since I met Jared, and they're always lots of fun to visit. Natalie didn't seem to want to cooperate with picture time, though.
 The next day was Sunday, which we spent at Noelle's church. It was quite nice of Dane's dad, Bob, to come over and watch Atticus and Natalie while they napped--what luxury! Sometimes Sacrament meeting is enough. While we were at the church, Isaac somehow locked the keys in the car...thank heavens for AAA! After the babies woke up, Noelle went home and caught some great moments.

Here they are, goofing off together. Atticus is saying "tickle tickle tickle" to Natalie; she is loving every moment with her cousin!

They even got a bath. Pictures like these are always fun to share later in life when things aren't awkward enough, hahaha!

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