Monday, May 26, 2008


As you can see from the dates, it has been over a month since our last post. It would probably be nice to say that world travels or humanitarian efforts have kept us too busy. However, this is not the case. I'm just stumped.

Have you ever felt like an ant? A tiny ant in a forest of redwoods. A drop of water in an ocean, a grain of sand on a beach, a blade of grass in a field, a pebble in the get the idea. I like the ant analogy. An ant's job is not unique, but he is busy doing it. Ants work hard. They get squished all the time (Isaac squished one the other day), and it's no big deal. There are probably millions of others within a sqare mile.

I kind of feel like an ant. Isaac isn't always "squishing" me, but everything else fits. I don't feel like I have anything unique to offer. I am a wife, a mom, a nursery teacher, a nurse, an are a million other people. Millions.

But don't get me wrong: I am happy! I am constantly amazed by my blessings. I get to enjoy my first son's antics and my second son's budding personality on a daily basis. I have a husband who's always learning something new and who loves to share it with me (I could go on about wounds and ostomies...and on Wednesday I get to help him study the "continence" section--woowoo!). And there is so much more.

So, please forgive me for being myself. I know I'm the only "me," but I'm still not anything special (Even this picture isn't original-- I stole it from my sister's blog, I love my family and my life, but I'm not going to tell you who to vote for or what's "in" and what's not. That's not what this blog is about. And as soon as my diggity dang camera gets fixed, I will be back to blogging more fun times with my family without anymore apologies.


Laurel said...

For the record...I think you are an amazing person!

H.H. said...

Yea! Baby pictures comming soon!
That alone makes you great!!
love Cat

Laura said...

Laurel you are awesome and I can't think of anyone better for Jared to have married and brought into our family-you fit perfectly just like frosting fits on cake! By the way I think you left two Noah binkies at my parents house-I have been trying to keep them away from Max but I'm afraid he got one while I wasn't looking!

Trace Gibson said...

Laurel Laurel Laurel. I'm sure you don't even know how many of us checked your blog every other day to see something cute and funny written by you accompanied with some great pictures (perhaps taken by your talented sister, ha ha). What a silly girl you are to think these silly thoughts. You are FABULOUS! Seriously honey, stop reading other peoples' blogs and thinking all their lives are as amazing as they seem in blog-world. I love your guts WAY TOO MUCH and think you are anything but...what is it you called yourself? Well, that.

Jarel & Laured said...

To Laurel, Jr: aw, shucks, thanks!
To Cat: Let's hope so!
To Laura: I was wondering about those binkies (sorry about that) and that frosting comment totally makes my day!
And to Trace: Thanks (now let's see some more of those fabulous pictures)!

John, Jamie & the Little Ones... said...

I'm so glad your posted again! I LOVE reading your posts. First, I really miss you and reading your blog makes me feel like we're still connected. Second, you're a good writer and I totally sympathize with everything you say (in every post). I call your "ant" feelings "blah mom syndrome" I hate when I get stuck in that nothing feeling phaze.
P.S.- You are sooo much more then an ant.

Claudia said...

You have 2 really cute boys and that is reason enough to blog :o)